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Sand King

The Sand King is the sand monster who is the ruler the sand kingdom of Jumanji and tries to get a chest of cursed gold from Alan and the kids. He gets destroyed by Peter with a squirt gun.

Episodes of Jumanji

Peter's clue is also solved and they return home where they discover that as Peter bought the squirt gun with money from the chest, its gone now too. However, Mr. Olsen paid Aunt Nora a lot for the antiques he got and Aunt Nora bought one for Peter herself and squirts him in the face with it.

He tries to cast them into the Nightmare World, but they're saved by Van Pelt and Von Richtor who capture him and accidentally wreck Van Pelt's traction engine, but the Trans-Vector's still in the vehicle. Peter realizes their clue means they have to toss the Trans-Vector inside the creature's mouth and Peter does so. The Trans-Vector is caught in the mechanical blade inside the things mouth and explodes inside the creature, destroying it and solving their clue, returning Judy and Peter home.


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