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The "Sand Snapper" is a recurring villain in Wander Over Yonder. It is a dreaded creature native to Lord Hater's Prison Dimension.

Physical Appearance

It is only seen its mouth which is circular with some sharp fangs in it.


Wander has been captured by Lord Hater and is forced to go to the Pit of Perpetual Pain, a portal to a prison dimension. Sylvia then comes to his rescue and throws one of Watchdogs at Peepers, causing his hat to fall off and break the control panel causing it to malfunction and explode, throwing Hater near Wander. Wander holds out his arms to catch Hater, but they both are thrown into the pit.

In the prison dimension, Hater is crowded by a gang of imprisoned thugs, friends of Wander, who punch the living daylights out of him. Wander comes upon the fight and stops them saying that Hater is his friend too. Hater is forced to pretend to be it in order to avoid thugs lynched him.

Next morning, Hater wakes up and sees the thugs are running from a Sand Snapper. Wander gets trapped in the whirlpool and screams to Hater for help, but Hater simply smiles and dances. The thugs arrive to make a chain with Hater on the end to get Wander out of the vortex. Hater pretends to attempt to catch him but claims that Wander is too far, prompting one of thugs, Thrax, to tell Hater that Wander is being consumed by a Sand Snapper, which is extremely painful, which intrigues Hater. Hater unwillingly tells Wander to grab his hand, but Wander expects the sentence to end with something else, so Hater says, "...buddy". After hearing that word, Wander grabs Hater's hand and is rescued from the vortex.


  • The Sand Snapper is a Sarlacc's parody.
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