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Sanderson is a supporting antagonist in The Fairly OddParents, the secondary antagonist of the 2005 film School's Out! The Musical, and a supporting antagonist in A Fairly OddBaby. He is the Head Pixie's assistant and co-manager of Pixies.

He was voiced by Ben Stein. As for his singing voices, he was voiced by Redman in "School's Out" and Method Man in "Fairy Idol".


Unlike the fairies, he is square-shaped, including his wings. His pointy hat and business suit are all gray, except for certain situations where he changes his clothes. He looks and speaks exactly like all the other pixies except for skin tone and his cowlick which occasionally is slicked back from time to time.


He is a professional rapper and performs a song with Head Pixie during School's Out!: The Musical. He also had a role in Fairy Idol to try and take the vacant spots of Cosmo and Wanda, who had quite a few days earlier, although after his short rap H.P. commented "his flow was a little off".

In the first Fairly OddParents episode featuring the pixies, Sanderson was a throwaway character, a generic pixie who was incidentally referred to by ]name.

In "Wish Fixers", he made another incidental appearance as the pixie controlling the Jorgen Von Strangle robot at the end.

Then in episodes after that, most notably "School's Out", Sanderson was made into a full-fledged character and the main partner of H.P. They were usually the only two pixies seen.



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