Sandoval Reuters is the leader of a pirate group known as the Dawn Horizon Corps and a major antagonist in episodes 26 through 29 of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

He is voiced by Taiten Kusonaki.


Sandoval Reuters and his pirate group were hired by Allium Gyojan, head of activist group Terra Liberionis, to kill Kudelia Aina Bernstein after she refused to provide funding to the group. Sandoval and the Dawn Horizon Corps launched an attack on a Half-Metal mine on Mars to kill Kudelia, but were fought off and defeated by Tekkadan. Vowing revenge for the defeat, Sandoval and his crew broke off from Allium to continue fighting Tekkadan on their own, taking the defeat they suffered from them personally.

Tekkadan later launched an attack on the Dawn Horizon Corps with the goal of capturing Sandoval and claiming the bounty on his head. Before the battle, Tekkadan had allied with Gjallarhorn's Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet under the command of McGillis Fareed and received support from them in fighting the Dawn Horizon Corps. Sandoval offered Tekkadan a chance to surrender, but Orga refused and called the Dawn Horizon Corps "wimpish", insulting Sandoval.

During the battle however, Gjallarhorn's Arianrhod Fleet intervened and tried to capture Sandoval as well, hoping to claim the bounty on his head for themselves. Realizing his forces were outnumbered, Sandoval decided to launch in his own Mobile Suit to draw away some of the forces so his fleet could escape. Sandoval soon found himself being pursued by both the Arianrhod Fleet's ace pilot Julieta Juris in her Reginlaze Julia and Tekkadan's Mikazuki Augus in Gundam Barbatos Lupus. Mikazuki managed to reach Sandoval first and defeat and capture him. Sandoval was then turned over to the Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet, earning a PR victory for both Tekkadan and McGillis.


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