Sandpit is a sand-like monster servant of Phobos in W.I.T.C.H. the animated series.

During Phobos's reign

Sandpit is a living pit that any victims walk over and swallows them, imprisoning them. The Guardians managed to save Caleb from the pit's grasp. Irma and Taranee Cook combined their powers to transform Sandpit into a shiny glass lake.

Knights of Vengeance and His Reformation

When Nerissa is starting to form a group of Knights, Sandpit came back to life and worked for Nerissa. Since coming back to life, he is now a tall new humanoid form that is free to wander. He is joined the Knights of Vengeance, using his powers to make the Knights to  using his sand to blindside or knock-over the enemies. Sandpit proved to be a useful member as seen  when he helps Miranda and Nerissa with their schemes.

In "J is for Jewel", Sandpit helps Raythor and Miranda release Prince Phobos and using his transparent abilities to unlock the gate for the Knights to escape. When Phobos breaks his oath and attacks Meridian, freeing his minions, including Sandpit, the giant humanoid sand monster is convinced by Raythor to join the good guys, the Guardians.

Sandpit decides to and helps the rebels during the Battle of Kandrakar. He is most useful in helping Caleb, Blunk and Luba stop Miranda from destroying the Aurameres by knocking her out. When Elyon returns to Meridian, Sandpit becomes one of her Castle Guards, preferring good over evil..

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