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I Spit On Your Corpse (1974) 009.jpg

Sandra is one of the two main antagonists of the 1974 film I Spit On Your Corpse.

She was portrayed by Georgina Spelvin.


Sandra is part of a syndicate. Along with her partner, Erica, she is assigned to deal with a politician blackmailing their boss, threatening to leak info to the police unless he is given a prostitute. Sandra and Erica recruit a woman named Donna, lying that she will put a drug in his drink to knock him out so they can take pictures to blackmail him while he's knocked out to gain leverage over him. In actuality, it is a fatal poison they give Donna, which kills the man.

When Donna decides to flee to Mexico to escape the situation, Sandra and Erica are assigned to hunt her down and kill her. They murder a female hitchhiker who steals Donna's car, and, after meeting up with an older man and his son Ben, Sandra seduces the mentally handicapped Ben before sadistically murdering him and his father.

At the climax of the film, Sandra finally kills Donna after Erica is killed by Donna's love interest, Chuck. Sandra attempts to return to America and rejoin the syndicate, being driven back by another member, but Chuck follows in a stolen vehicle and causes the two to crash, killing the criminals and avenging Donna's murder.


Sandra was an immoral woman who had no problems with murder. She was also shown to be very wrathful, as she tried to violently murder the hitchhiker who stole Donna's car for sending them on a wild goose chase, attempting to beat and strangle her to death, and actually complaining when Erica simply killed the hitchhiker with a gunshot to the head. She was also rather sadistic, as seen when she laughed after beating up three men with Erica so they could steal their car. This was also seen when she seduced Ben before killing him and his father and laughing about it, an act that appalled even Erica. She appeared to work rather well with Erica, as they hardly ever argued and even shared a laugh after beating up the three men, though she showed a lack of care when Erica disappeared on her (in reality killed by Chuck), choosing to abandon her rather than search for her. She also appeared to have a particular hatred of those who made her work harder for her than she wanted it to be, as she made it clear to Erica that she wanted to be the one to kill Donna, as she had developed a grudge against her after making them travel so long and far in their attempts to kill her on the orders of the syndicate's leader, angered with all the trouble they had had during the mission.