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Sandra White, otherwise better known as Sandra Jakoby, is the main antagonist of the 2018 comedy film The Happytime Murders.

She was performed by Dorien Davies.


Sandra was first seen as she approaches Phil Phillips (the main protagonist of the movie) to ask him to investigate whoever is threatening and blackmailing her for unknown reasons. The two of them later have sex.

She shows him a note sent to her by the unknown person, prompting Phil's decision to get on the case.

Later, Sandra was interrogated by Agent Campbell in a room regarding the death of Jenny Peterson (a member of the fictional TV group Happytime Gang of the show The Happytime Game), whom Phil met from the previous days. She then lied that Phil killed her and tried to take Sandra for himself, leading to Phil getting arrested.

Wanting to prove Phil has not murdered Jenny and that he is innocent, his secretary Bubbles and former partner Connie Edwards break into Sandra's apartment to find anything that will get him out of jail.

During the search, it is revealed Sandra has been planning revenge against Phil for the death of her father Jasper Jakoby, who was accidentally shot 12 years ago when she was only a child.

However, the evidence of pictures and notes planning the deaths of the Happytime Gang cast were destroyed thanks to Bubbles pressing the play button of a tape recorder that caused a fire.

Then, Phil and Edwards make it to the airport where Sandra is planning to depart. Phil runs up to her and tries to apologize for killing her father, saying it has haunted him all those years, but he asks why the Happytime Gang had to die because of it.

Then, Sandra says she wanted Phil to suffer as payback. It also turns out Jenny is alive and in on the scheme and in a relationship with Sandra. However, Sandra instead knocks Jenny out to take the money for herself and get away.

Edwards runs after Sandra and tries to get in her plane, but Sandra gets the drop on her first and holds her at gunpoint.

She steps outside with Edwards, putting her and Phil in the same position as before. Phil takes his shot and does not miss this time, hitting Sandra in the head, killing her instantly.



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