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We fight, they bleed!
~ The Sandthrashers' battle cry.

The Sandthrashers are a villainous faction in the lore of the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

A violent, bloodthirsty group of raiders, the Sandthrashers terrorize the deserts of Shurima wherever they can, either to steal from merchants or just to create carnage for fun. They respect strength and worship Renekton as their deity after he killed their leader, Sai-Surtha, in combat. They are also known for riding giant lizard mounts called sauren.



The Sandthrashers were feared across the deserts of Shurima for their strength and cruelty, as an ambush from these raiders would likely mean getting robbed, killed, or worse, captured and fed to the reptilian sauren monsters. The Sandthrashers paid little attention to the rumors of the ancient emperor Azir's return, instead seeing it as a greater opportunity to rob more caravans. However, while the raiders did not know it, the return of Azir also marked the return of the Ascended warrior Renekton, who was on a hunt of vengeance against his brother, Nasus.

Drawn by the smell of fresh meat, Renekton found the Sandthrashers in the ruined city of Vekaura and requested Nasus' location. When the leader, Preystalker Sai-Surtha, refused to tell him, a battle ensued. Though the Preystalker seemed to claim the upper hand over the maddened god-warrior, Renekton's Ascended powers proved too much for the Vastayan, leaving Renekton victorious and the new de facto leader of the Sandthrashers. Uninterested in leading the warband himself, Renekton passed the title of Preystalker to Raz Bloodmane, and the raiders swore loyalty to the Ascended warrior as their new deity.





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