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Sandworms. You hate 'em right? I hate them myself!
~ Beetlejuice about the Sandworms.

Sandworms are large snake-like monsters and one of them appeared as a minor antagonist from Beetlejuice. They are a type of creature that lives on Titan, a dusty moon for Saturn. At the end of the movie, one of the Sandworms eat Beetlejuice.


In the live-action movie, they have white heads with yellow eyes, striped tongue, sharp teeth, and blue-green lips inside striped grayish-black and white body skins with red eyes and sharp teeth.

In the animated series, they have striped lavender and purple body skins with four yellow eyes, sharp yellow teeth, and green lips.


When Adam and Barbara died, they went back into the house and Adam check to walk back out the door, but then the outside begin to change into a dark sandy night. Adam heard a strange roaring noise and saw a coiles sticking out of sand but Barbara grabs Adam back into the door.

Barbara walks out of the door outside and fells down to the saturn, she was lost and Adam went out to saturn to look for her, when they found each other, the growling noise appears from far away crawling in the sand and the sandworm pops out to eat them, but Barbara hits the sandworm and it shakes it's head and then it's about to eat them again, but Adam and Barbara went back into the door.

In the second appearance, Betelgeuse sends Barbara back into the sandworm land, she rides the sandworm back into the house and it eats Betelgeuse up Barbara jumps off and the sandworm crashes through the floor.


While sandworms don't speak, there is an interesting cartoonish reaction when one is hit. Seems as through they have the personality like a dog.


Sandworms live in sand all their lives. Nothing more.


  • There are real sandworms, but they are nothing
  • They have four eyes on their heads.