Sandworm (Beetlejuice)
The Sandworm
is a large snake-like monster and a villain from the live-action movie Beetlejuice. It is a type of creature that lives on Titan, a dusty moon for Saturn. At the end of the movie, It eats Beetlejuice.


In the live-action movie, it has a white head with yellow eyes and blue-green lips inside the striped grayish black and white body skin with red eyes.

In the animated series, it has a striped light and dark purple body skin with four yellow eyes and green lips.


Sandworm in Beetlejuice - The Animated Series

The Sandworm, as it appears in Beetlejuice: The Animated Series.

While sandworms don't speak, there is an interesting cartoonish reaction when one is hit. Seems as through they have the personality like a dog.


Sandworms live in sand all their lives. Nothing more.


There are real sandworms, but they are nothing like their movie and cartoon counterparts.


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