Sandworms. You hate 'em right? I hate them myself!
~ Beetlejuice about the Sandworms.
are large snake-like monsters from Beetlejuice. They are a type of creature that lives on Titan, a dusty moon for Saturn. At the end of the movie, one of the Sandworms eats Beetlejuice.


In the live-action movie, they have white heads with yellow eyes, striped tongue, sharp teeth and blue-green lips inside striped grayish black and white body skins with red eyes and sharp teeth.

In the animated series, they have striped light and dark purple body skins with four yellow eyes, yellow sharp teeth and green lips.


While sandworms don't speak, there is an interesting cartoonish reaction when one is hit. Seems as through they have the personality like a dog.


Sandworms live in sand all their lives. Nothing more.


There are real sandworms, but they are nothing like their movie and cartoon counterparts.


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