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Sandy Gibson is a supporting antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders. She appears as a minor character in 2010 and went on to serve as a supporting antagonist in 2021-2022.

The character was portrayed by Caroline Pegg in 2010 and later by Martha Cope in 2021.


Sandy Gibson first came to Albert Square at Walford, a fictional borough in East London, from February 2010 after learning that her young daughter Dotty got smacked by the latter's grandmother Dot. Although all was forgiven between them, Sandy still wanted to take Dotty back with her, and Dot reluctantly agreed.

In 2021, Sandy returns to visit her daughter Dotty, as their relationship has turned estranged due to Sandy's alcoholism, but Dotty has been trying to help her nonetheless because Sandy is making herself unwell. It soon turns out that Sandy is involved in a scheme that both Dotty and her 'uncle', Tom, are planning to defraud money from local resident Sonia Fowler, so much so that Tom had tricked Sonia into believing that he is her long-lost father, Rocky, and also begun a relationship with Sonia's friend Kathy Beale.

As time goes on, Sandy begins blackmailing Tom by threatening to expose his secret unless he gives her a cut of money as promised. Tom eventually dismisses her and reveals to her and Dotty that he left Sandy to a possible death fate at one point, as this in turn caused Dotty to come clean about the scheme to everyone, against Sandy's objections. Later on, Sandy belittles Dotty for ruining her plan and leaves without as her daughter protests.

Sandy then reveals to Dotty that Tom isn't her uncle, as he is actually Dotty's real dad, and Tom's villainous brother, Nick, who died in February 2015 had originally appeared to be Dotty's father until it later transpired that Tom's personal troubles led him to request Nick in raising Dotty after his prison release in 2008.


  • Sandy Gibson has made a total of 11 appearances during her time on the show.