Sanford Ellicott

Dr. Sanford Ellicott was a one-shot villain from the television show Supernatural, appearing as the main antagonist of the Season 1 episode "Asylum".

Dr. Ellicott was the Chief Psychiatrist at Roosevelt Asylum in Rockford, Illinois in the 1960's. When he was alive, he conducted cruel experiments on the inmates, attempting to amplify their rage because he believed that provoking extreme anger in his patients could be therapeutic. These experiments backfired in a big way when the patients revolted against him in 1964 during the infamous Roosevelt Riot. Though Ellicott was killed during the riot, his ghost continued to haunt the asylum, causing extreme rage in anyone he came in contact with.

The Winchester brothers came to Rockford in 2005 after their father texts coordinates to Dean. After looking through their father's journal and speaking to several of the locals, they learn about the asylum and Dr. Ellicott and the things revolving around them. Determining that Ellicott's ghost was responsible, they go to the asylum and decide to stop Ellicott by salting and burning his remains. However, Sam runs into Ellicott before they can find his corpse and provokes him into a murderous rage that leads him to almost killing Dean. Dean is able to stop Sam and finds Ellicott's secret experimentation room, where he finds Ellicott's corpse in an old medicine cabinet. Just before Dean can burn it, Ellicott appears and tries to provoke Dean's rage, but Dean is able to burn Ellicott's corpse by throwing his lighter on it. This causes Ellicott's spirit to crumble into ash.