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My name is Sangres, and I have seen much blood.
~ Sangres.

Sangres is one of main characters and playble charaters in Payday 2.

He's an former mexican Sicario and a member of Payday Gang, who is robbing banks with other members.

He was voiced by Joseph Balderrama.


Sangres was the best assassins in one of the cartels in Monterrey, Mexico. Then he suddenly disappeared, stealing a valuable cargo, which was sent from the United States to the cartel. The consequence was the conclusion of a contract for the murder of Antonio "Macheteso" Benitez Rodriguez. When Sangres was in America, he quickly got into the gang with the help of Gage, since he often traded with Mexican cartels.

Sangres also brought several of his shirts with him and will change them between robberies.

After the dissolution of the PAYDAY gang, Sangres traveled to Japan, where he helped Jiro avenge his family. His ruthless nature eventually led him to become one of the few who could take the place of boss Yakuza. As his influence spread to Tokyo, rival clans gave him the nickname "Zannin na Oyabun" (secret, good ending).

In FBI Files

Judging by witness reports about his accent, “Sangres” is almost certainly of Mexican origin. He appears to be a very dangerous individual, and his style and excellent proficiency with weapons lead us to believe that he may previously have been working as a hitman for one of the Mexican drug cartels.

Through police informants south of the border we know that one of the cartels in Monterrey has an assassination contract out for one Antonio “Machetazo” Benítez Rodríguez - their best hitman who suddenly one day defected and disappeared, stealing a valuable arms shipment that was coming in for the cartel from the US. It’s possible that this defector and “Sangres” are one and the same man.

If “Sangres” and “Machetazo” Benítez Rodríguez are indeed the same person, it may be that his rapid recruitment into the Payday Gang after entering the US was facilitated by the arms smuggler known as “Gage” - this theory is based on what we know of the smuggler’s connections to the Payday Gang and his frequent dealings with the Mexican cartels. We’ve tried to pressure Gage about this matter but he just clams up, which only confirms our suspicion that he at least knows something.

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