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Sansho is one of Garlic Jr's original trio of henchmen and a villain from the Dragon Ball Z movie, Dead Zone. He is the strong and silent type.

He was voiced by Yukitoshi Hori in the Japanese version, and by Ward Perry in Ocean Group dub, Doug Rand in Dead Zone, David Gasman in one line, Ed Marcus in one line in AB Groupe dub and Eric Dillow in Funimation dub in the English version.


Sansho first made his appearance when he, Ginger, and Nikki appear to attack Piccolo so as to destroy Kami, and seemed successful in getting rid of him. Sansho and his cohorts then began looking for the Dragon Balls, finding the Four Star Ball at Son Goku's home. Finding it on Son Gohan's hat, they simply took the boy with them and, after presenting him to Garlic Jr., Sansho and Ginger went to find the last two Dragon Balls they needed. After they found and presented them to their master, Garlic Jr. wished for his immortality. After Goku and Kami arrived to fight Garlic, Sansho and his cohorts stood in the way of Goku when he went to find Gohan. Realizing how strong the Saiyan was, they increased their size and strength by letting loose their battle cries (Sansho's differs between the Ocean and Funimation dubs, in the former, it is "Pepperoni!", and in the latter, it is "Cheese!") Thought at first he fought with Ginger and Nikki, Sansho attempted to attack Kuririn, but was intercepted by Piccolo. Though he was confident that he could beat the Namekian alone, Sansho was pummeled by Piccolo and finished with an energy blast rather easily.


Sansho has the typical powers of Dragon Ball characters, superhuman abilities and energy attacks.


  • Sansho is the Japanese name for Sichuan pepper.
  • Sansho is the only one out of Garlic Jr's first three henchmen not to have a town named after him from the Imperfect Cell saga.


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