Santa became the primary antagonist of an entire storyarc in the webcomic Breakpoint City, where the once jolly elf finally snapped and tried all in his power to sabotage his own holiday while also trying to stop the canine protagonist from saving Christmas.

Santa begin his self-destructive crusade by breaking his own machines using an entire box of spanners (after his first attempt using a single spanner actually *improved* production of toys).

Santa then forced his own reindeer to stand to attention for five hours in wet cement, at this point one of his elves caught onto the fact Santa may be trying to sabotage the holiday - however the insane Santa stated this was all part of his grand plan to lure an adorable character to the North Pole, who would no doubt try to foil his plan.

Sure enough a small rabbit entered the room and was attacked by Santa (using a nerf gun) - the elf noted to Santa all his weapons were toys but Santa, still totally insane hopped into a toy car and ordered the elf to come with him on their "get away vehicle".

The deranged Santa (minus one elf, who most likely escaped) was caught in mid January - still refusing to deliver his toys, explaining in great detail how he hated his existence and that he refused to be part of some festive adventure: in the midst of his rant however Santa was tranquilized by a blow-gun.

By the time Santa awoke he was sitting atop a large parade, Christmas having been saved and all the characters informing him of the good that had come - Santa was left utterly hapless as he bemoaned how everything had become a cliched "Happy Ending" - the very thing he was trying to avoid..