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You only have half a year left to live. I want you to live the rest of your life in peace.
~ Tolka showing his caring behavior towards his master.
Santa Claus: I have made a contract with the doll devil. And my dolls are scattered all over the world. With a mere touch, anyone can become a doll and become the assassin called Santa Claus. I expect we'll continue to evolve with the power of darkness and come to kill you again and again.
Denji: If Santa Claus is comin' to town, hope he comes on a weekday, cuz I get sundays off!
Santa Claus: Hee hee hee… It isn't that you are fearless. You simply lack the intelligence to fully comprehend the implications. Every single day, be it your friends, family, your friends or complete strangers… Anyone you meet could turn into a doll and attack you. Can you imagine living your life constantly stalked by death?
Denji: Go on, make me use my imagination! Dumb it down so even an immortal like me'll understand!
~ Santa Claus taunting Denji about her trying to killing Denji again in the future.

Santa Claus is a minor antagonist in Chainsaw Man, being the main antagonist of the International Assassins arc. Initially appeared as a sickly maiden who is also a mentor figure towards a Russian Devil Hunter, Tolka, she is revealed to be something much worse. In reality, she made a contract with several devils including the likes of Doll Devil and Darkness Devil and also using an old man from Germany as a decoy for the Santa Claus persona. In addition, she also molds Tolka as her perfect pawn to be sacrificed alongside Denji for her pact with the Darkness Devil in order to harness the power she was given in order to take down Makima once and for all.


Santa Claus appears as a pale skinned maiden with an unkempt hair, green eyes and several beauty marks on her face and was wearing a thick coat with a fur hood and a long, black skirt in order to survive the harsh winter in Russia. In her second appearance, she wears a wool knitted brown sweater and a black skirt. As she uses her Santa Claus decoy in Germany, the decoy itself appears as a decrepit balding old man with a long goatee and wearing a vet with a white shirt tucked inside of it.

By the time she gained the Darkness Devil powers, her appearance becomes a lot more eldritch with her appearing like a marionette demon with lots of hands and a feet comprised with the heads of humanoid dolls. When the night hits, her appearance is much more demonic as her skin becomes darker as she gains a longer horns and almost has a appearance that almost looks like Momo with a huge bulging eyes and a mouth with glasgow scar that forms like a smile.


Makima: The only one we need to watch out for is… Germany's Santa Claus
Kishibe: You think he'll come
Makima: I couldn't say. There are rumours he died of old age, but… If he hses devils on us, it's all over. Guess we should pray he's been called to the pearly gates.
~ Makima expressing concerns towards one of Santa Claus's puppets.

Santa Claus initially appears as a frail and sickly maiden that has no time left living in this world while also acting as a mentor figure towards Tolka as she seemingly cared for his well-being despite her off-putting behavior asking Tolka about his feelings on taking a creature's live due to their job as an Assassins. When she uses her decoy that she mold into a perfect puppet, the perfect puppet itself is implied to be a lecherous pedophile wanting to have a pleasure with one of his adopted children. In truth, it was revealed that the doll itself only adopted children so that the real Santa Claus could sacrifice the three out of four children to further her own goal to gain ultimate power. In addition, it was also revealed that her frail condition is due to the fact that she made several contracts with tons of devils including the Curse Devil or the Doll Devil.

The real personality of Santa Claus herself is portrayed as an extremely manipulative and strategic person, willingly to sacrifice several people or using other civilians as her personal puppets to further her own goals. She also has a personal grudge against Makima, willingly to play a game with her and trying to outsmart her in order to achieve some unknown goal. By the time she gained the power of the Darkness Devil, she becomes a smug and arrogant person, claiming that she already understood the power of Darkness that she was bestowed by the Darkness Devil while bragging towards her opponents that their attack is meaningless against her because she will continue to evolve with the power of Darkness.


She was at first introduced in Chapter 54 where she and Tolka were doing a fox hunting in a Russian forest while asking Tolka about how he felt about taking a live of a fox in which he responded by saying that he was already getting used to it as he used to skin pelts at his own home. It was revealed that she asked the question towards Tolka in order to accompany her on killing Denji and carve out his heart under the pretense that she will release Tolka from his profession as a devil hunter. However, Tolka responded that he also wants to see his master happy because she only had half a year to live.

During the conversation with one of the strongest devil hunter ever lived, Kishibe, Makima was worried about the existence of Santa Claus from Germany because of his devil powers which would potentially bring a lot more harm towards other Devil Hunters and Makima herself. In Germany, as a mysterious man was conversing with the decoy Santa Claus about killing Denji, the decoy then tells the mysterious man to be rewarded with four children as one of them will be used for his sick pleasure and the rest will be used for his devil contract.

Blending in with the Devil Hunters in a Burger restaurant in Japan as an unassuming civilian alongside Tolka as the Devil Hunters and Denji decides to get out from the restaurant after finishing their meal, she then tells Tolka about how she never experienced eating a Hamburger before while it was revealed that due to the drawbacks of her making a contracts with other devils, her lifespan shortened and she lost some of her senses while her ability to taste something is still intact while eating the burger as Tolka wipes out the stain of ketchup from her face. At the same time when Santa Claus eating the burger alongside Tolka, she also tells him that she made a contract with the Curse Devil while stabbing Denji three times undetected with the curse devil nail and has the fourth stab handled to Tolka while telling Tolka that if he can pass the test, she will promised him about introducing several devils she had contract with.

As her decoy arrived in Japan, he then executes his plans by turning several innocent people into puppets in order to attack Denji easier while staying at a coffee shop. As Denji and the other Devil Hunters went into the Department Store, he then decides to use it as a trap by ordering his puppets to trap Denji and the Devil Hunters in the department store which causes them to run into the second floor to protect themselves and it was revealed that the people who turn into dolls can never be themselves again.

As both Tolka and the real Santa Claus execute the plan, it was revealed that the latter was watching the ambush from afar in an amusement park while stabbing Tolka with the curse devil's nail. When Denji and his other companion, the shark devil, Beam, attempted to run away from the battle against one of the assassins sent to kill him, Quanxi which resulted on Beam accidentally tripping himself, Denji accidentally stepped on a nail set by one of Santa Claus's doll when trying to rescue Beam which resulted in him getting brutally squeezed and killed by the Curse Devil while Tolka knocked Beam unconscious.

After the deed is done, she congratulates Tolka and seemingly claims that he is now the part of the family until it was revealed that she molded Tolka to become a perfect puppet for her to use in order to replace her old puppet, the decoy Santa Claus, as she disposes his body by making him stab his heart while transporting all of the living beings inside the Department Store into hell by sacrificing three of the adopted children that the decoy Santa Claus had adopted.

Using her brand new puppet, Tolka, as a mediator for her communication with the Darkness Devil that she made contract with, it was revealed that she intends to bring Denji's body for sacrifice purposes alongside Tolka in order to gain an ultimate power bestowed by him to defeat Makima once and for all for unknown reasons which resulted on Tolka's head being decapitated as he ate the power that Darkness Devil has given to her in exchange.

After she manages to gain the ultimate power she was bestowed as the Devil Hunters were brought into the real world despite some of them being massacred by the Darkness Devil during their trip in hell, Santa Claus then transforms into a doll-like monstrosity and then prepares herself to defeat Makima. However, Makima retaliates and decides to revive Denji by giving him her blood in order to defeat Santa Claus once and for all. During the fight, she was seemingly gaining an advantage due to her regeneration powers and her army of dolls.

However, Quanxi, who was previously becoming a victim from the massacre by the Darkness Devil, ended up being revived as one of her girlfriend threw her head into the pile of dolls which turns her into a Crossbow Devil that defeats several of her dolls while also trying to team up with Denji in order to defeat the main body that controls the enhanced puppets. When Santa Claus's main body was attacked by Quanxi, she then attempts to split the pain across her other puppets which resulted on her puppet gaining a some kind of sapience as they attempted to kill Denji in panic after discovering the horrific remains of their body and also discovering Denji being a devil. The act that Santa Claus had committed disgusted Denji as he attempts to run away due to his refusal on killing humans.

Fortunately however, Quanxi attempts to help Denji fighting against the Sapient Dolls who were revealed to be imitations of humans before being seemingly stopped by Santa Claus as the latter attempts to attack Quanxi to no avail as Quanxi evaded the attack. However, as the nighttime hits, she becomes a lot more powerful with her body become increasingly nightmarish while brutally knocking Denji. When attacked by Quanxi, Santa Claus turns Quanxi's two precious girlfriend into a doll to be sic against her while Quanxi was brutally impaled. Fortunately, Denji comes with a brilliant idea to defeat Santa Claus as he uses gasoline and burns himself in order to defeat Santa Claus which immolates her and weaken her power which backfired a bit as Denji was dying. However, Denji drank her blood to keep himsef alive and still attempts to kill Santa Claus by pulling her body and slamming a car towards her.

After her physical body was defeated, she then tells Denji about her dolls are scattered across the world while taunting Denji about the horrific implications that a person who turn into a doll can attack Denji everyday despite Denji's ignorance about what Santa Claus said towards him as Denji ended up being decapitated by Quanxi while Santa Claus swears towards Quanxi that she will make her one of her dolls. In the end, Santa Claus's mind was imprisoned by one of Quanxi's girlfriend, Cosmo, in the Akashic Records as she was put into a fate worse than death by her because Santa Claus ended up becoming a pathetic wreck who can only scream "Halloween" after she was given a huge knowledge of the universe in which her other dolls also said the same thing with Santa Claus.