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This is an education for adults!Santiago abusing Carminha.

Santiago is the overarching antagonist in the 2012 Brazilian telenovela Avenida Brasil. He is Carminha's father and the final main antagonist in the telenovela. 

Initially, Santiago appears to be a kind man. However, not only does he reveal himself to be a villain, he is also largely responsible for the villainy of the main antagonists of the plot, but also for the whole Avenida Brasil's plot.

He was portrayed by Juca de Oliveira who also portrayed Dr. Albieri in O Clone and Natanael in O Outro Lado do Paraíso.


Early life

Santiago was married with Virginia, with whom he had a daughter, Carmen Lúcia Moreira Araújo (Carminha). He getting involved in an extramarital affair with his neighbor, Lucinda, Nilo's wife. When Nilo discovers the case and tells Santiago's wife, she has an outbreak that takes her to Lucinda's house with a gun to kill her. However, Virginia ends up killing Lucinda's daughter, Clarinha, instead.

The death of her daughter at the hands of Virginia led Lucinda to try to kill her too, but she fails, dropping the gun on the ground and fleeing shortly thereafter, only for Santiago to pick up the gun and shoot his own wife, in front of his daughter, who watched her mother being killed. Lucinda not only believed that she murdered Virginia, but was also framed by Santiago and imprisoned unfairly for something she did not commit, everything so Santiago could get away with murdering his wife. Santiago murdered his own wife and framed his mistress as guilty so that he could earn Virginia's inheritance.

Soon after, Santiago abandoned his daughter, Carminha, still a child, in the dump to get rid of her too, showing that he loved neither his wife nor his own daughter. It's also implied that he used to rape Carminha in childhood, without Virginia knowing about it. 

Present days

Nowadays, Santiago appears in the plot as a man who makes his living repairing toys, when in reality, he is a jewelry dealer.


Santiago, at first, seems like a kindly old man that just made too many mistakes in his life, and just couldn't raise his daughter, Carminha, right. He apparently cares about his former lover, Lucinda and seems to feel genuine remorse and sadness about what happened with his family and what happened to his deceased wife, Virginia.

It turns out that it was all a front. Santiago is a ruthless, sociopathic and greedy bandit that would willingly murder or kidnap anyone to get what he wants.

Santiago is the greater-scope villain for many of the disgraces occurred in his family and on Lucinda's family, being the one that murdered Virginia, his own wife, right in front of his daughter, Carminha. He then proceeded to pin this murder on Lucinda (his lover that he seemed to care about) and abandon Carminha in the dumping ground, he did all of this because he wanted Virginia's inheritance from her family, this would be a catalyst for many of the misfortunes in the telenovela.

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