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Sara Asano is a princess and a human, but later she becomes a half-demon. She is one of the antagonists in the anime Inuyasha.

She was voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.


She was the daughter of a noble general, whose castle was besieged. But Sesshomaru was by chance near and killing the enemy soldiers because they were in his way. At this point, he himself was injured, Inuyasha had just cut off an arm. But Sara was impressed by Sesshomaru and fell in love with him.

She played on her flute when she was near Sesshomaru, and her father finally found out, that she was in love with a youkai. He took his soldiers to kill Sesshomaru, but humans have no chance to defeat a youkai, so he had to flee. Shortly afterward he became mad and burned his castle.

A while later Sara was very sick, but she wanted to be at Sesshomaru. Some lower youkai heard her desire and offered her a new body in exchange for her soul. Sara consented, and in a similar way became an hanyou, as before her Naraku.

But when she visits Sesshomaru, he shows, that he has no interest in her. Then she decides to steal Inuyasha´s sword Tessaiga. She prepared a plan, and transformed Miroku, Sango, Kiara and several villagers into glass statues. By luring Inuyasha and Kagome into a trap, she can steal him the sword Tessaiga and go back to Sesshomaru.

But Sesshomaru recognizes that Sara has long been controlled by the lower youkais wich whom she has allied herself, and destroys them with the sword Tessaiga. Shortly afterward he puts her flute on the pile of ash, and goes off again.

Powers and Abilities

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    High Intellect: She has designed a clever plan to steal Tessaiga, no one except Shippo has been looking through.
  • Immunity: She is immune to the barrier of Tessaiga, which attacks malicious youkai. Probably for the reason that she is a hanyou, and not a youkai.
  • Glossystone-Transformation: She can turn humans and youkais into a glass stone.
  • Energy-Blasts: She attacked Inuyasha with two black-violet energy-blasts.
  • Demonpuppets: Like Naraku, Sara was able to create demon puppets that resemble her, or look like a huge monster. However, their dolls seem to consist of seaweed.


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