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People see you, they notice. Do you know how lucky you are? I'm a ghost.
~ Sarah to Jesse.
Who wants sour milk when you get fresh meat?

Sarah is a major antagonist in the 2016 psychological horror film The Neon Demon. She is portrayed by Abbey Lee.

Sarah is a model and witch, who becomes increasingly jealous of Jesse.


Sixteen-year-old aspiring model Jesse has just moved from small-town Georgia to Los Angeles. Makeup artist Ruby takes her to a party at a club where she introduces her to fellow models Sarah and her friend Gigi. All three women size Jesse up intrusively and are intrigued by Jesse's natural beauty, as well as curious about her sexual proclivities. Later, Ruby then has lunch with Gigi and Sarah; the veteran models' envy towards Jesse's youth and evident potential contrasts with Ruby's fascination with her.

At the end of the film, Ruby returns home and finds Jesse standing on the swimming pool diving board. Jesse enters the mansion and is attacked by Sarah and Gigi. Sarah chases her outside and they corner her, as Ruby pushes her into the empty swimming pool, incapacitating her. The three women are shown approaching her with knives. Ruby is then seen bathing in Jesse's blood, while Gigi and Sarah shower together to wash the blood from their bodies. The next day, Sarah drives Gigi to a photo shoot at a seaside mansion hosted by Jack. The model scheduled alongside Gigi, Annie, talks with them and asks Sarah how she handles competition. Sarah nonchalantly states she once "ate" her competition. This is taken as a joke by Annie, but clearly disturbs Gigi.

Jack becomes enthralled with Sarah, whom he had never noticed before. He fires Annie and asks Sarah to replace her, to which she agrees with a smile. In the midst of the shoot alongside a swimming pool, Gigi falls ill and begins heaving, forcing her to leave the set. Sarah finds her in a dressing room desperately trying to vomit, eventually disgorging one of Jesse's eyeballs. She then begins screaming, "I need to get her out of me", before stabbing her own stomach with a pair of scissors and cutting open her own abdomen. Sarah watches Gigi die, drools, and then eats the regurgitated eyeball before shedding a tear and silently returning to the set.



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