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For years this town told lie about me. They lock me away. Treated me like a monster. Now they will get the monster they deserve.
~ Sarah Bellows' most famous line.

Sarah Bellows is a character who appeared in the 10th story called The Haunted House in the 2011 horror anthology book called Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, in which she is the main antagonist of the 2019 horror film of the same name. She is a spirit that was accused of witch craft after being framed by her family and locked away in her own house. She make an attempt to seek revenge on the people through her storybook before having someone write the truth about her.

She was portrayed by Kathleen Pollards.

Physical Appearance

Sarah Bellows is a dead 20 year-old women with no eyes and her face is rotten. However in 2019, she is an actual spirit with the same appearance as her book counter part, except she wore an 1898 attire.


Sarah Bellows haunts at a local haunted house that the preacher is residing, and once the preacher made contact with Sarah Bellows, she told him that a man had murdered her and dumped her body in the cellar of this house, which makes the priest to find her bones and buried her properly.

When the next day came the preacher brought the bones to the church when suddenly a man came by and touch the fingerbone which somehow got stuck to his hand, thus he confessed the crime of what he did and was sentence to prison and execution. By then the preacher properly buried the woman's body thus making her to rest in peace.

Biography (in film)


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