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Justice comes swiftly. This will be your only warning.
~ Jacobi trying to persuade Carter to surrender

Sarah Jacobi is one of the main antagonists in Rick Riordan's The Kane Chronicles series. She is a minor antagonist in The Throne of Fire and the secondary antagonist of The Serpent's Shadow. She is a magician who was banished from the House of Life and seeks revenge against the Kane family.


The Throne of Fire

Jacobi is one of the exiled magicians hired by Vladimir Menshikov to launch an assault on Brooklyn House. Desjardins expresses doubts about using rogue magicians, but Menshikov persuades him to do so.

At Brooklyn House, Jacobi and Kwai are being held back by Carter and Sadie's trainees when Carter, Sadie, and Ra come and join the battle. Sadie brings the battle to a stop and tells the magicians what happened in the Duat. Jacobi accuses the Kanes of lying, saying that they "probably killed Desjardins and Menshikov themselves." Amos tells her off and assumes the office of Chief Lector. Jacobi, Kwai, and the other magicians retreat.

The Serpent's Shadow

Sarah Jacobi is now leading a magician rebellion against the House of Life. She and Kwai gather most of the Nomes in the House of Life, while turning or killing the Kanes' allies. Jacobi sends a scrying message to Carter, warning him to surrender and making him look like he is the bad guy.

Jacobi and Kwai lead an attack on the First Nome on the morning that Apophis rises to devour the sun. She and Kwai lead a troop of specially trained magicians to subdue Amos and Set. As they are gaining the upper hand, Carter and Sadie enter to rescue their uncle. Jacobi threatens to kill Sadie, but is stopped by Walt. Walt, having merged with Anubis, banishes Jacobi to the Underworld.


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