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Men, the Blues and Reds didn't blind me. I blinded myself. I wanted an enemy so bad I turned my friends to enemies, and enemies to friends. My real enemy was within.
~ Sarge about his brief time as a villain

Sarge is a Colonel (formerly Staff Sergeant) in the Red Army and one of the main protagonists of Red vs. Blue. He serves as an on and off villainous character throughout the series.

However, due to his desire to die in battle, Sarge decides to join the Blues and Reds in their fight against the UNSC, becoming an antagonist in Season 15 of Red vs. Blue.

He is voiced by Matt Hullum.



Sarge was assigned to command the Red Team stationed in Blood Gulch (which was mainly comprised of himself, Simmons and Grif). Sarge's Red Team soon received two new members in the forms of new recruit Donut and robot soldier Lopez.

Eventually, Sarge and his Red Team, as well as the Blues he was supposed to be fighting against, would leave Blood Gulch and go on several adventures, including defeating The Meta, tracking down The Director of Project Freelancer, and ending the civil war on the planet Chorus.

Season 15

Following the final battle against the forces of Charon Industries, Sarge and the rest of the Blood Gulch Crew (Grif, Simmons, Tucker, Caboose, Washington and Carolina) went into retirement on a remote planet. However, Sarge began to lament that he had not died gloriously in battle like he had wished.

After the Reds and Blues encountered the Blues & Reds, Sarge chose to defect over to them and assist them in their war against the UNSC, even after learning of their true plans, as it gave him the chance to die in battle like he had always wanted. However, Simmons, Donut and Lopez (as well as Caboose and Tucker) refused to join the Blues & Reds after realizing they were "evil", forcing Sarge to turn on his men.

Sarge and Surge cornered the Reds and Blues in a room, but they were unable to stop them from launching Lopez's head into space via rocket to find help. Despite their failure, Temple promotes Sarge to "Super Colonel", but orders him to kill the reporter Dylan Andrews and her cameraman Jax. However, after a brief moral crisis, Sarge instead kills the Grunt guarding them, saving their lives and officially rejoins the Reds and Blues.


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