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Modern sects are the product of divergent interpretations, many bearing a mere superficial resemblance to their ancient progenitor cult. Most unexpected, especially among early scholars of Sarkicism such as myself, are the seemingly benevolent intentions of its founders. The road to hell, it is often said, is paved with good intentions - an aphorism the Foundation must always keep close in mind, for despite the eons between us, we gaze into that very same abyss.

And like the ancient Sarkites, we have found it full of monsters.
~ Dr. Judith Low from "GoI Field Guide".
There is power in the Flesh, Ion roared to those who understood…and it is for you to harness. Consume divinity. Become God.
~ Jeremy Miller-Yahontov's thoughts in "The Blood That Binds Us".

Sarkicism, also known as Nälkä, is a widespread religious/philosophical cult that worships flesh and disease. The cult serves as one of the major antagonists in the SCP-universe, often being seen by the Foundation as an apocalyptic threat.

The religion was originally founded by Grand Karcist Ion thousands of years ago, but has since then been fractured into several groups worldwide. The central goal of Sarkicism is to achieve apotheosis for humanity, which could lead to SK-class dominance shift or even an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario. Due to this reason many organizations view them as an apocalyptic threat in the anomalous world, and several of these groups have even banded together against this group.

Members of the cult are called Sarkites, Sarkics, Sarkists and Nälkites. They are the main antagonists in the "In Memoria, Adytum" canon.



Sarkicism was founded by Ion, a slave born into the Daevite civilization. He lived in the City-state of Adytum, where he eventually led a slave revolt against their Daevite-masters. During this revolt Ion showed great powers like the ability to manipulate organic flesh (both his own and that of others) and telekinesis. He was also able to give that power to his followers. The origin of these powers are linked to the primordial being Yaldabaoth (the creator of the universe in the beliefs of the Sarkites). Ion was also aided by four disciples called the Klavigar, who would later become saints.

After the defeat of the Daevites, Ion and his followers terraformed many of the occupied cities, including Adytum (the new capital city of the Sarkites), into more organic structures. With this started the golden age of the Sarkic civilization (now called the Deathless Empire), and Ion's belief started to spread over Eurasia, usually through conquest.

Occult War

When the Sarkic Empire arrived in the Mediterranean to establish colonies, where they would meet resistance by the Mekhanites (predecessor to the Church of the Broken God) and several other ancient civilizations. This led to a massive war between the two factions in which the Sarkites summoned massive abominations made of flesh to fight the anomalous machines of their enemies. 

The war killed twenty to thirty million people, and there were no real victors. The Sarkic empire fell and Grand Karcist Ion disappeared, while the Mekhanite-survivors would become the Church of the Broken God. 

The surviving Sarkites went into hiding to practice their faith, which led to creation of both the Proto-Sarkites and Neo-Sarkites.

Belief and Culture


The goal of becoming a godlike figure is key in the Sarkic faith, and the followers of the religion often engage in acts such as ritual cannibalism, human sacrifice, corporeal augmentation, thaumaturgy, dimensional manipulation, sexual rites, reincarnation, and dealings with cosmic entities. Beyond these commonalities, there are two main factions in the faith:


They often live in rural villages, away from civilization. Known Proto-Sarkite colonies exist in Russia, Finland and Romania. They are often poor, isolationist, technophobic, and often hostile to outsiders, though they usually remain in their own territories. Different sects barley communicate with each other and each cult seems to exist in a "vacuum".

Proto-Sarkites generally value in humility and self-sacrifice for the good of the many. This leads many to willingly sacrifice themselves to be reborn and suffer for their faith. They usually see Grand Karcist Ion as a benevolent messiah who will one day return and grant humanity eternal life. They view Yaldabaoth as the creator of life, but also as a hostile force that needs to be stopped.

In some cases, Proto-Sarkites have communicated with Foundation staff in a civilized manner. An example is the Vaśńa community located in northern Finland, where members of the community willingly participated in interviews with Dr. Matthieu Desmarais.

Notable Proto-Sarkic Orders:

  • The Solomonari: A Proto-Sarkic settlement located in the Carpathian Basin since 1200 to 600 BCE.
  • The Church of the Red Harvest: A Proto-Sarkic settlement located in the Uralic Mountains. It was discovered by GRU Division "P" in 1936, and later by the Foundation after the dissolution of the USSR. The settlement is currently known by the Foundation as SCP-2133. This church is also known to practice a regeneration ritual, which resembles a "harvest", which leads to the church's name. The church is currently controlled by Karcist Alka, who resides in a series of tunnels beneath the Uralic Mountains.
  • The Church of the Scorched Earth: A cult which lived in Arlingpool, America. They originated from the Amur region of Siberia where they were known as the Church of Oastrikyo before being driven away by Tsarist forces in 1815 and forced to immigrate to America. After their treaty with the US government was breached, the entire cult was eradicated by the military in 1951.
  • The Vātula: A Proto-Sarkic order which resides in the rural & poor Indian states of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab, and Gujarat, commanding fear and respect in these regions.
  • The Vaśńa: A Proto-Sarkic denomination located in Scandinavia. This version of Sarkicism was the subject of a study by Dr. Matthieu Desmarais, who learned about their customs and their hostility toward the "gluttonous" Neo-Sarkites.
  • The Divoši/Sin-Eater's Church: A secret Proto-Sarkic order with its roots throughout Central Europe based in Prague. It is lead by Karcist Nakiakken, and follows Ion's ideal of jaka, or justice. This usually involves the "Judgement" of criminals who got away with their crimes, culminating into turning them into utterly inhuman creatures.
  • La Famille Natau/The Church of the Eternal Mother: A small Proto-Sarkic sect inhabiting the Louisiana Bayou. Members, known as the Manmas Natau, periodically develop spontaneous pregnancies, the majority of which are stillborn and used to "feed the kiraak". Foundation doctor Isabelle Beaumont attempted to discover more about this reclusive group, but was killed when they harvested her organs in an attempt to integrate her.
  • Fleshspeakers/Palancanacatl-tlatlatlauhtiani: A small sect of Ur-Sarkicism that came to prominence around 1100 CE in the lands which would become the Michoacán and Guanajuato states of Mexico. They didn't worship Ion, but instead worshipped a figure known as Yalekatta, possibly Yaldabaoth, who in their beliefs defeated Ion and consumed him. The sect was later eradicated by the growing Aztec empire.
  • Seŭlga: A community of Sarkites living in the Korean Peninsula. Their beliefs have been influenced by Korean Buddhism and weren't really affected by the Sarkic Diaspora. Because of the oppression they suffered over the years, the Seŭlgaites have remained fragmented to this day.


Neo-Sarkites are among society, unlike the Proto-Sarkites, often being in the world’s elite, such as politicians and leaders of industry. They aren’t technophobic and have usually access to immense resources due to their high status. 

While the Proto-Sarkites belief in sacrificing oneself for the good of the many, the Neo-Sarkites belief in sacrificing the many for the good of the one. They see Grand Karcist Ion as an example of what one person can achieve through dedication in the Sarkic practices, but are ready to overthrow him, if they gather the same amount of power.

Neo-Sarkites often gather in clandestine organisations, which usually resemble secret societies, social clubs, or fraternal organizations. Their practices are often much more vile than those of Proto-Sarkites, involving murder, rape, pedophilia and other violent acts, involving unwilling practitioners. 

The Proto-Sarkites view the Neo-Sarkites in a negative light. Neo-Sarkites are often called “Gluttonous” and pretenders, and in their eyes they disrespect Grand Karcist Ion with their murder and rape.

A key proverb among the Neo-Sarkites is as following: "Desire is the measure of all things. Be unbound from moral tethers. Do as you will, to whom you will." 

Notable Neo-Sarkic Orders:

  • Adytum's Wake: The oldest North American Sarkic organization, founded around 1650. The organisation was presumably destroyed November 28, 1952 by the Global Occult Coalition, which led to the creation of SCP-2480. During this time the group was led by famous Neo-Sarkite is Cornelius P. Bodfel III, a wealthy millionaire industrialist who lived in Massachusetts. Bodfel led an organization called "Adytum's Wake", a collection of Neo-Sarkites that were members of affluent families, respected politicians, leaders of industry, and religious authority. Adytum would often gather at Bodfel-manor and engage in host orgies that included rape, pedophilia, ritual human sacrifice, and cannibalism. It is speculated that the cult is revived and currently led by Vivian Durant-Croÿ (president and CEO of the Durant Bodfel Financial Group), the wife of influential Hungarian businessman Alexander Croÿ.
  • The Hunter's Black Lodge: A Eastern European criminal cult that engages in extortion, murder, robbery, gambling, prostitution, human trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, and underground fighting rings. GRU Division "P" tried to shut down it several times, but the organisation always returns, each time stronger.
  • Esoteric Order of the White Worm: An ancient Sarkic order, disguised as an occult fraternal organization, that operates throughout the European continent. It is one of the oldest Neo-Sarkic orders on the continent, founded by Hungarian nobles.
  • House of the Blood Lotus: A Neo-Sarkic organization based in Japan with strong links to the Japanese government. Their true scope of influence is unknown, but it is believed that they have ties to Adytum's Wake.
  • The Darkwater Lodge: A Sarkic order with African roots, brought to North America as African slaves. Initially extremely violent, participating in an exceptionally brutal slave uprising just after their arrival, they are now relatively peaceful, although they do practice a gruesome shepherding of the flesh ritual known as the Nsämanf'tsatsa.
  • House Kurinuka: A Japanese-Canadian cult centralized in Vancouver, Canada. It was founded by immigrants from Japan between 1877 and 1928 and because of their Asian origin they faced prejudice during World War II. They believe to be successors of Saarn and have a nihilistic and atheistic philosophy, seeing Yaldabaoth and the Archons as being no more powerful than any other organism.
  • The Weilstedt: A community of Jewish-Sarkites stationed at BackDoor SoHo, dealing with illegal medication.
  • Société de la Fleur Sanglante/Society of the Bloody Flower: A Neo-Sarkic group led by Karcist Lucien Dutoit, and previously stationed in France before moving to Portugal.
  • Geomeunpi Aideul/Children of the Black Blood: A group of Sarkites located in South Korea and lead by Karcist Yongsun Ban.
  • The Sinew Brotherhood: A cult stationed in Australia. Not much is known about apart from their involvement in giving SCP-3477-14 Immortality and were also enemies with the Cogwork Orthodox Church.
  • Fraternity of Skin: A Neo-Sarkic cult stationed in England which also worshiped Yaldabaoth and indulged in incest and were seen by Klavigar Saarn as disgusting heretics.
  • Abraxas Group: A Sarkic multinational conglomerate formed from the collaboration of various Neo-Sarkic cults, which deal with biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, weapons development, high finance, and the cosmetics industry. They have significant real estate holdings in Hungary, Romania, and New England, and the executive leadership is entirely made up of Neo-Sarkic aristocrats.
  • Sisterhood of the First Flesh: A Neo-Sarkic cult which operated in the city of Three Portlands before being dissolved in the 1980s by the Unusual Incidents Unit.

Key beliefs

The five principal steps of Sarkicism:

  • Apotheosis: Becoming a God. Proto-Sarkites believe that only over time and through the Grand Karcist can this be achieved, while Neo-Sarkites believe that the only way of becoming a god is through will.
  • Will: The driving force of a man. 
  • Theophagy: The sacramental consumption of a God.
  • Sacrifice: Either sacrifice one self for the benefit the many (Proto-Sarkites) or sacrifice of the many to benefit the one (Neo-Sarkites).
  • "To Shepherd the Flesh": Cultivate organic matter.

The Valkzaron

The Valkzaron is Sarkic scripture that also serves as a grimoire (spell book). The Foundation has at least one Valkzaron in it's archives, and it serves as it's primary source of information about everything Sarkic.

The Ämärangnä Language

The Ämärangnä Language (or Adytite), is the native language of Proto-Sarkites who live in Southern Siberia, the Upper Yenisei and the Sayan mountain. It is part of Uralic language family, and is related to Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian and Sami. It appears to have been syncritised mainly from Proto-Uralic, Indo-European, which may be Daevite, and γλῶσσαχάος (chaos-tounge), which is unpronounceable by normal humans.

The Soonsaran language was a gestalt language used by SCP-6013, which was primarily based on the Ämärangnä language, but also incorporated English, Hittite, Greek, Russian, Tundra Nenets, and Finnish.


The Sarkites desire to usher in a "new age of Flesh" by bringing back Ion, who would remake this "imperfect" universe into their ideal paradise, which they refer to as "Ikunaan", where humanity will finally know salvation and joy beneath skies colored in rose. It is speculated that SCP-610 will play a role in this plan. However, it is implied in several articles that the Sarkites are actually secretly being manipulated by Yaldabaoth whose influence on the world grows as Sarkicism spreads itself, meaning that if the Sarkites have their way then Yaldabaoth would conquer the entire world.

Relationship with other anomalous factions

Due to the global threat that Sarkicism is for the status quo in the world, the SCP Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition, the Church of the Broken God and the Horizon Initiative have formed an alliance for an upcoming occult war. The Church of the Broken God views Sarkicism as a biblical foe, while the Sarkites see the Church as just another obstacle in their path. GRU Division-P, the Serpent's Hand and SAPPHIRE are also opposed to Sarkicism.

The Chaos Insurgency had employed various Neo-Sarkites into their organization. However, in SCP-4273 it was shown that the Insurgency was among the organizations attacked by the Sarkites.

Because of their shared past, most Sarkites hate and fear the Daevites for enslaving them and treating them horrifically. Sarkites even see themselves as benevolent heroes when compared to the extinct civilization, and during the revolution they were able to completely destroy the Daevites before SCP-140 intervened. During the war with Daevites, Sarkicism also fought against the Crucible, the predecessor of The Factory, which lived in the Daevite Empire.

The Manna Charitable Foundation had accepted donations in form of SCP-2815-6 from the community of SCP-2815 to help them in their goal of helping those in need. The MCF proceeded to use SCP-2815-6 for medical, food and construction supplies to help the poor all around the world. Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. have also bought products of Sarkic origin, and sold other products to various Sarkite clients. However, in SCP-4273, the Sarkites attacked one of MC&D's leaders Skitter Marshall during their secret rise.

Fifth Secretary Noi Komrizo of the "Fifth International Workers' Vanguard Party", a group of Fifthist communists who are responsible for SCP-2573, supported the Sarkites' activities, mostly due to them fighting against the Daevite suppression.

A group of Sarkites of European origin who came to America where they used their powers to steal people's identities, such as Aaron Lisowski, formed an alliance with the criminal organization known as the Chicago Spirit in which they aided the organization in their criminal activities.

A benevolent campus Nälkä group was founded at Deer College known as the Karcist Kollektive which aimed to bring together fellow students who followed the religion and break the preconceptions about "Sarkic Cults".

SCP-4239-1, one the many creations of Gamers Against Weed, had fought numerous Sarkites in the ancient past, leading to them becoming some his enemies.

Herman Fuller was originally a member of a Sarkic cult before deciding to leave the region altogether. He would use his flesh-based powers to modify several members of his Circus of the Disquieting.

In the original universe of the Three Moons Initiative, where they were known as their universe's version of the SCP Foundation, the Sarkic cults attempted to summon Ion using a ritual but they messed up and instead summoned a powerful cosmic flesh monster that was designated SCP-37238 and began to slowly destroy planet Earth that forced the Foundation and the survivors to flee to a different universe.

During the Neoproterozoic Era a group of the extraterrestrial race known as Species of Interest-002 who were adherents of the Ortothan religion tried to colonize planet Earth during that time, but a minority began using biological manipulation and worship of a flesh deity in order supply the Koru-teusa with unlimited amount of blood before being persecuted by their brethren due to the belief that they were followers of the Voruteut. Although there is seemingly no known connection to Sarkicism it is theorized that these minorities were influenced by the same entities that influenced the creation of the religion.

A version of the Black Queen named Black Queen Babalon was friends with some murderous Sarkites in her timeline as revealed in a discussion she had with other versions of herself regarding Carnifex Carl. In the same discussion it is also revealed that in Timeline B-173 Carl was the identity of Chaz Ambrose, the owner of Ambrose Restaurant.

SCPs associated with Sarkicism

  • SCP-001 (Wrong Proposal): A CK-reality reconstruction event which changed the previous timeline in which the Fifth Occult War happened in 1900, including the Sarkic expansion in Asia. Following the reality reset the Fifth Occult War ceased to exist along with the Sarkites of that time.
  • SCP-029: An Indian woman who had been modified by the Vātula and the British East India Company in order to create a schism between the Thuggee cult and use them during the Fifth Occult War.
  • SCP-238: An underground structure comprised of tunnels and chambers partially existing in a pocket-dimension. The structure was originally an ancient Sarkite who transformed into a living complex following the banishment of Ion, and from them SCP-610 transformed into its current corrupted form in order to defend themselves. After the Foundation discovered its existence and nature, they decided to have it destroyed.
  • SCP-610: A highly contagious disease that causes drastic mutations when coming in contact with living beings. Currently contained in Russia. It is presumed that this disease that is key in the Sarkites longterm plan.
  • SCP-939: A race of quadrupedal eyeless monsters which can mimic voices and secrete amnestic which attracts their preys that had escaped. They were created within SCP-2688, as a result of one of Yaldabaoth's underground pieces mutating the unborn children of SCP-2688's citizen.
  • SCP-2075: A powerful flesh-crafter who converted to Sarkicism and was able to possess other people with his powers and turn them into his hosts. He was temporarily detained by GRU Division "P" and then by the Foundation before escaping without any problem.
  • SCP-2095: A large subterranean dead organism in Gyaros that was used as a temple by the ancient Sarkites and contained various Sarkicist artifacts. It was previously used by a great number of Sarkites during the war with the Mekhanites, but as they were being outnumbered by their enemies the temple was evacuated while Karcist Tundas sacrificed themselves by taking control of the temple and bringing it down along with the Mekhanites.
  • SCP-2101: A sphere of effect located at the location of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor who used Sarkic sacrifices to gain immortality before being imprisoned by the Xia Dynasty. The evil emperor used this effect to speak to visitors entering the Mausoleum through telepathy and convince to set him free in exchange of wealth but is always stopped by SCP-2101-1, the living terracotta army who continually contain him in order to keep his corrupting influence away from the innocent.
  • SCP-2133: A Russian village where the Church of the Red Harvest are based. The residents of SCP-2133, designated SCP-2133-1, are resistant to disease, and possess the power of reincarnation. It also contains prehensile tentacular structures, designated SCP-2133-2, which attack non-Sarkites who attempt to enter the church. The village also possessed an underground structure where Karcist Alka and several mutated organisms, designated SCP-2133-3, resided.
  • SCP-2191: A temple complex disguised as Eastern Orthodox monasteries located in the Hoia Forest of Romania and are inhabited by SCP-2191-1, vampire-like predators that prey on people in order to steal blood, and SCP-2191-2, a collective of vermiform organisms with varying appearance.
    • SCP-2191-3: A massive sub-terranean organism buried under Romania. The organism deploys SCP-2191-1 to collect human blood for sustenance. It is also sustained by Proto-Sarkic cults sacrifices. The Sarkites claim that the organism is called the "Mother", once a beautiful princess who was the daughter of the "Blood Empress". The princess became Grand Karcist Ion's favored concubine and started to bear his children. These same cults claim that the the Mother would soon give birth to the "Gods".
  • SCP-2264-B: The interdimensional kingdom of Alagadda ruled over by the Hanged King and the Ambassador. Because of the King's affiliation with Yaldabaoth some Sarkicist were able to visit the place without problem.
  • SCP-2309: A 20 m tall and 5 m thick wall, constructed from blocks of iron covered in a thin layer of brass, standing between the walls of an unnamed pass in an unnamed region in Georgia, which continuously deteriorates forming patterns similar to claw marks, though it can regenerate later. The wall was constructed in ancient times by the Mekhanites to aid king Cyrus in stopping the Sarkites from coming to Earth from their dimension.
  • SCP-2408: Anomalies associated with The Hunter's Black Lodge. SCP-2408-1 are members of the group who had been mutated from their practices, while SCP-2408-2 are various unknown species of creatures used to create the groups' special drug.
    • SCP-2408-4: A sub-terranean brain dead behemoth secured by the Foundation under SCP-2408-3, a temple complex previously used by the group to derive their addictive drug from the creature's organs. Supposedly Orok, one of the four Klavigar of Sarkicism.
  • SCP-2416: The various incarnated bodies of Joseph Grunderson-Pike who upon his death gets reincarnated into a new body. During the battle in Gyaros, one of Joseph's earliest incarnations named Iose the Pike-Bearer, was one of the Sarkites' Orin thralls who died after failing on his simple mission.
  • SCP-2430: An immortal humanoid modelled after Adolf Hitler created through the combination of the remains of Hitler, other unknown individuals and the regenerative flesh of Sæhrímnir by Uralic flesh-crafters employed by Stalin who wanted to personally torture Hitler for what he had done.
  • SCP-2478: A group of tall Japanese Sarkites who possess 14 legs, 14 arms, 7 head, duplicates of internal organs, but possess one brain and nonfunctional genitalia. People who identify themselves as of Japanese descent will see instances of SCP-2478 as normal people suffering from gigantism. They started out as normal people from the lowest group of the traditional Japanese social hierarchy before Ion gave them powers to allow them to avoid discrimination and be valued by the government. Because of their antimemetic effect they were able to help the government during times of war before the Chinese branch of the SCP Foundation detained them.
  • SCP-2480: A portal through which various monsters from Adytum entered Earth. Created when a ritual carried out by Adytum's Wake was interrupted by the GOC. Neutralised following a joint operation by the Foundation and the GOC.
    • SCP-2480-1: Formerly Simon Oswalt, a Foundation site director turned Sarkite priest and granted anomalous powers by Grand Karcist Ion himself to exercise pheromonal control over the SCP-2480 entities. Captured by the Foundation during Project Sita Achra and currently contained at containment area 14.
    • SCP-2480-2: A group 4m tall humanoids known as "Behemoths" with pale and flabby flesh, three fingered hands and their faces lack eyes, ears and nostrils, while their large toothed mouths dominated their faces.
    • SCP-2480-3: Crimson flesh tendrils erupting from the ground and snatching nearby enemies, known as the "Snatchers".
  • SCP-2714: A copy of "The Adventures of Tintin: Flight 714" graphic novel in which the important holy figures of Sarkicism became trapped and were to take on the roles of the characters within the book. Because of this when the book is opened on a specific page, it will produce various barnacles whose genetic materials are based off the characters from the book. These entities became trapped within the book as a result of Pierre Escoffier, a Montreal illustrator and poet who was a Sarkicist and fanatic of Tintin, trying to execute a summoning ritual but was sabotaged by some members of Are We Cool Yet? who sought to kill Pierre's father in order to use his power as a Karcist to create more Sarkic-inspired art.
  • SCP-2815: An anomalous inbred community in Hungary associated with the Sarkic cult the Esoteric Order of the White Worm. Members of SCP-2815, designated SCP-2815-1, often display physical deformities and practice magic rites. They practice a form of Sarkicism that incorporates Hungarian paganism and neopaganism, although they masquerade themselves as Roman Catholics. SCP-2815-1 instances that possess these physical deformities and practice magic are made into shamans, designated SCP-2815-2, and are accompanied by modified horses, designated SCP-2815-3. After the SCP-2815-3 instances ate some meat they would regurgitate a substance designated SCP-2815-4 that was used by the SCP-2815-2 instances to treat injuries and repair objects. The community seeks to reincarnate Grand Karcist Ion by removing their non-Sarkic ancestry through inbreeding and give birth to his new body. They were able to form a portal to Adytum, designated SCP-2815-5, that could only be accessed by the SCP-2815-2 instances who would harvest some organic materials designated SCP-2815-6.
  • SCP-2833: The multiple bodies of Karcist Vaski of the Vātula. He was able to create additional bodies through the use of SCP-2833-A, an insect-like parasite that impregnated any female with a copy of Vaski and its birth proved to be fatal to the host.
  • SCP-3155-22: A individual who had been "cursed" by the Sarkites because of his blood lineage. He was one of the many anomalous individuals who were hired as guards by the Pinkerton National Detective Agency from 1883 to 1905.
  • SCP-3221: A portal to an alternate dimension designated SCP-3221-1 inhabited by people part of a religion made out of a fusion of Sarkicism, Gnostic Christianity, and Mekhanism. This religion adhere an individual designated SCP-3221-2, the ruler of the dimension who is possibly the historical Prester John.
  • SCP-3288: A species of mutated humans living underground and displaying abnormal biological functions. They were created through Sarkic modifications done by Leopold I.
  • SCP-3391: A cognitohazardous spherical area in the Mediterranean ocean with strong antimemeic properties. At the center it resides a heart-like object designated SCP-3391-1 , also known as the Heart of God, that possesses great reality-bending powers and if given a consciousness would become even more powerful. The Sarkites tried to use the "heart" for their own purposes in the past before being claimed by the Foundation in modern times.
  • SCP-3396: A powerful amorphous entity which gave humanity a variety of powers and mutations, eventually resulting in ascension of the remaining mutants. The Sarkites saw this entity as the second coming of Ion, but it is very likely not the case.
  • SCP-3477-14: One of the many immortal humanoids resembling the 17th Prime Minister of Australia Harold Holt. This instance gained immortality through implantation of an SK-BIO Type Z by the Australian Sarkic cult known as the Sinew Brotherhood.
  • SCP-3862: Three objects created by Eleanore da Piedade de Lancastre e Tavora and her paramour, Ser Lucien Dutoit of the Society of the Bloody Flower out of their bodies. The three objects were: SCP-3862-A, a Victorian-era letterbox inlaid lacquered with a solution derived from blood; SCP-3862-B, an ornate wall sconce grown from bone; SCP-3862-C, an ornate side table carved from a keratin-like substance. If the three objects were to be put together then it would cause the formation of a dangerous incurable contagion designated SCP-3862-Σ that caused all infected organisms to decompose while also gaining regenerative abilities.
  • SCP-3911: A pair of holy Sarkic objects made by Lovataar out of her body as a gift to Ion for the first anniversary of Sarkicism. SCP-3911-1 was a 1.89 meter long shaft of bone decorated with ornate patterns emitting Akiva radiation. SCP-3912-2a, a divan, and SCP-3911-2b, a footstool, were made out of bone, glass and hair, and were claimed by the Foundation following an incident in the University of Sydney on the island of Kythira, Greece. The artifacts were later stolen and used by the disciples of the Klavigar to summon Ion and his Klavigar back to Earth.
  • SCP-3989: A spacetime anomaly which connects to an expanding pocket-dimension designated SCP-3989-A which is believed to be a sacred hunting place of Orok and is made out of a grove of organic trees designated SCP-3989-1 and SCP-3989-2 which produce various Sarkic creatures each designated SCP-3989-1A, -2A, -2B, -3. Within the pocket-dimension is present a temple designated SCP-3989-4, and a mysterious chemical designated SCP-3989-V which helps conceal the location from public eyes and can induce obsession about the orchard into people. When Dr. Farik Ghazalie, Captain Elize Faina, and Agents Ghaith Kalabi and Aimar Terzi entered the orchard and were all killed they were reborn into new bodies given to them by the trees and were designated SCP-3989-H.
  • SCP-4036: A small unitary theocratic republic named The Adytite Republic of Polynesia located in an archipelago in the southeastern region of Polynesia which was founded in the 1850s by Sarkist and American Imperialist Norman Taylor who sought to protect the Polynesian natives from exploitation and colonization and established Sarkicism as the state religion. The benevolent republic possessed advanced militarism and controlled around 30% of Polynesia before being cut off from the rest of the world by the SCP Foundation which caused mass discontent to the population.
  • SCP-4059: A series of connected anomalies accidentally created by Polish Sarkic immigrants. SCP-4059-1 was a circular freshwater reservoir, located west of the town of Leeds Point, New Jersey which contains six abandoned single-room cabins previously inhabited by the immigrants and a gravesite containing a number of deformed corpses of infants who died after the immigrants tried to use their powers to give birth. SCP-4059-2 are a group of the children who came back to life as predatory monsters resembling deformed goats which consumed the Sarkites.
  • SCP-4067: The yearly gathering of insectoid Sarkites designated SCP-4067-1 who worshipped Cicathea, one of Yaldabaoth's Archons. The Daevites created magical pillars in order to kill the instances of SCP-4067-1.
  • SCP-4140: One of Yaldabaoth's six Archons trapped within the central chamber of a cave complex. This Archon appears as a giant mass of nothingness capable of spreading itself, until the Daevites discovered it and forced slaves into playing music in order to stop it. Karcist Otrava eventually freed all of the slaves and killed the Daevites, allowing the Archon to spread itself. Unwilling to sacrifice more innocent slaves Otrava sacrificed himself to deter the monstrosity.
  • SCP-4197: A doctor named Sarah Veers who was born with fleshy tentacles occupying most of her torso and was taught cytomancy by a remorseful Karcist since she was six years old. She used her Sarkic powers to help people from impoverished countries who suffered from grave illnesses until being captured by the Foundation who then employed her to give medical assistance to their injured personnel.
  • SCP-4273: A series of attacks by united Sarkic groups towards the leaders of some influential countries and powerful groups of interest. Most of these attacks were successful in eliminating or abducting the leaders and steal some valuable items which began destabilizing the world.
  • SCP-4294: A 3 km long tendril of flesh resembling an enormous ovary with free-hanging fallopian tube capable of flight at speeds up to 75 km/h, while remaining at a height of 10 km and is perpetually surrounded by a severe snowstorm. This tendril was originally a Sarkite mother who upon losing her daughter Maxine, transformed herself in order to go look for her and attack people whom she suspected to have kidnapped her daughter, unaware that Maxine had actually left her on her own after seeing the true horrible nature of Sarkicism and joining the Serpent's Hand.
  • SCP-4476: An isolated fishing village in the far western part of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana inhabited by the Natau family designated SCP-4476-1. SCP-4476-1 instances are restricted to this area and the number of their population has barely changed through time. The village is led by five identical pregnant women designated SCP-4476-1A.
  • SCP-4666: Some Voodoo-Sarkic cults located in the southern U.S. believed that SCP-4666 was related to either Sarkicism or Voodoo spiritualism and so they captured him alongside some alligators modeled after reindeers capable of flight. He was able to escape when the cults were attacked by PENTAGRAM, the Church of the Broken God and the Foundation's MTF Tau-5.
  • SCP-4716: A pair of books with similar properties to SCP-140 containing ritualistic food recipes which serve to kill or at least damage specific Neo-Sarkites. When someone consumes the food made from one of these recipes something bad will happen to the targeted Neo-Sarkite. It was created by former Neo-Sarkite Gerard Hopworth who saw Neo-Sarkicism as corrupt and that they needed to be exterminated.
  • SCP-4783: A series of residential apartment blocks in the country of Singapore which was founded in the past by ancient Sarkites. In order to improve the country's human capital the governors used their flesh powers to keep the citizens alive and be productive until killing them by giving them heart attacks after their transfer into the apartments.
  • SCP-4786: A trio of three female homunculi, each designated SCP-4786-A, SCP-4786-B and SCP-4786-C, created by Yongsun Ban from his body during the Xia Dynasty period. They only spoke in a mix of the Mandarin and Ämärangnä languages, and if they ate enough food then they would unleash their hidden threatening powers.
  • SCP-4800: An unknown force which merges and mixes alternate realities together. This force was responsible for the global spread of the religion of Sarkicism.
  • SCP-4841: A church constructed during the 1690s in the Svyatilishche village of Turukhansky District in Russia which causes paintings depicting humans to animate and develop stigmata. It was originally constructed by the villagers who combined both religions of Orthodox Christianity and Proto-Sarkicism, and venerated Ion as St. John.
  • SCP-5079: A Sarkicist ritual that causes the person who enacts it to transform into a fungal creature designated SCP-5079-1. This only works on people who have severe social issues and if several instances of SCP-5079-1 are in close proximity they would merge together and become a new instance.
  • SCP-5181: The collective designation for a number of humanoid entities with a above average physique and completely covered in hair inhabiting the Belleau Wood in France. They were formerly American soldiers who were augmented through Neo-Sarkic rituals by the US government and the Foundation in order to be used against the German soldiers during World War I.
  • SCP-5199: The collective designation for SCP-5199-A and SCP-5199-B. SCP-5199-A was a human infant composed of calcified tissue due to its mother, SCP-5199-B, miscarrying it due to her Sarkic lineage. Shortly after giving birth to the child they were detained by the Foundation who began experimenting on the child while giving the mother psychiatric assistance. SCP-5199-B eventually requested that in the case that her child ceases to live the Foundation would not revive it despite knowing that it was up to the Foundation to decide.
  • SCP-5207: A Sarkist complex ritual executed by 11 low members of the Hunter's Black Lodge which transformed them into living rat-like creatures amalgamated together.
  • SCP-5407: A drug named Nectar created by the Hunter's Black Lodge which when taken by someone would cause that person to mutate and slowly die if they didn't take more. It was connected to one of the Lodge's leaders Mikkel Borov who was subsequently killed by the Foundation, rendering all samples of the drug neutralized.
  • SCP-5480: The apartment of Klavigar Saarn in Portsmouth, England. It was filled with furniture which have been organically modified.
  • SCP-5507: The anomalies related to the House of the Blood Lotus. SCP-5507-1 are carnivore cephalopofic blind creatures which don't require water to live and are used as traps by the cult. SCP-5507-2 are female-like creatures who lacks faces and use their bones and venom to do the bidding of their masters. SCP-5507-3 is a katana that can only be used by a Sarkite who can graft it after their arms.
  • SCP-5509: A highly invasive species of artificially created schistosome containing SCP-3862-Σ. They were created by the Sarkites as an attack to the UN by infecting 25% of New York's population through the contamination of the tap water before spreading to the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Japan, India, Germany, Israel, South Korea, and China.
  • SCP-5591: A toy oven created by the collaboration of Sugarcomb Confectionery and a Sarkic company known as MWDOT, Inc.. When someone uses the oven to cook various sweet-stuff as per the recipes (SCP-5591-1) the cooked products would cause some anomalous effects on the consumer. One recipe served to teleport a severed toe which would have acted as an offering to Karcist Halyna Ieva.
  • SCP-5707: The historical Uncle Sam who used his Sarkic powers during the War of 1812 to transform the fallen corpses into non-human meat for his fellow soldiers to eat. He was taught carnomancy from his father who was inspired by the natives, but after seeing that his powers interfered with the natural order of life Sam willingly surrendered himself to the American Secure Containment Initiative before being put under the custody of the SCP Foundation.
  • SCP-5728: The collective designation for both SCP-5728-1 and SCP-5728-2. SCP-5728-1 was a former UIU agent named Daniel Blake who treated the Church of the Scorched Earth far better than his fellow agents and because of this he was transformed into a Sarkic monster who acted as guardian for SCP-5728-2. SCP-5728-2 was one of the Church's six Karcists named Nikita Lebedev who possessed advanced longevity and alongside SCP-5728-1 was the only survivor from the US military's attack on the Church. Following the attack, both anomalies were contained by the Foundation until SCP-5728-2 died of cancer caused from the nuke launched by the military.
  • SCP-5833: The mutated corpse of Maria Kovač who died as a result of taking a drug produced by the Hunter's Black Lodge which was given to her by Lodge's operative Vuk Bogumil. The corpse became embedded into the hayloft of her father's barn in outskirts of Čazma, Croatia, Yugoslavia where despite it deceased state would still occasionally move and produce sounds.
  • SCP-5862: A 17th century ship designated SCP-5862-A which was formerly known as The Fearless Voyager and previously owned by the Commission of Unusual Cargo, its crew and captain Sir William Faulkner designated SCP-5862-B who were taken over by Lucien Dutoit and infected with SCP-5862-Φ, which was similar to SCP-3862-Σ. As years went on the crew was forced to harvest their own body parts in order to keep the ship intact.
  • SCP-5905: A grimoire recovered from the Huang Shui basin in Qinghai, China, which details rituals that are to be performed on prisoners and involve starving them for days before feeding the prisoners their own flesh until they become a living mutated skeleton designated SCP-5905-1. The book itself also causes to those who are exposed to it to become hungry as their metabolism accelerates.
  • SCP-5978: A mutated humanoid entity which lacks organs and several vertebrates and bite wounds often appear on its body, and fused to his shoulders is a second mutated humanoid entity designated SCP-5978-1 which lacks the lower part of her waist and possesses four arms which end in claw-like appendages and duplicate organs which often move outside of the body or inside SCP-5978. SCP-5978 and SCP-5978-1 were originally Daniel McCready and Eleanor Lassen who were a couple and former musicians of a Neo-Sarkic cult before being cast out. Daniel apparently fell victim Eleanor's abuse as the two consistantly argued with each other and this fight eventually led to them fusing together. After being contained by the Foundation, several smaller entities emerged from SCP-5978-1 and began devouring her, causing her to detach from SCP-5978. SCP-5978-1 seemed to enjoy being consumed and prevented 5978 from rescuing her from the entities, resulting in her death which was quickly followed by 5978 who succumbed to hemorrhage.
  • SCP-6013: A sapient Sarkic warship leviathan named Raya which had sunk at the bottom of the Kara Sea most likely during the end of war with the Mekhanites. It was surrounded by a complex structure of coral and flesh and mutated sea creatures, which were designated SCP-6013-B, and possessed visceral tubes imbedded into Earth's crust which it used to gain nutrients and could use them to release biomass and pathogens which would terraform the entire Euroasia in a manner similar to Adytum and result in a K-class scenario. The creature was stopped from harming anyone when Foundation agent Hannah Langford became connected both mentally and physically to SCP-6013, becoming SCP-6013-A. Fearing that SCP-6013 would destroy humanity despite its affable behavior, Langford's lover, Foundation researcher Joanne Greer who oversaw the situation regarding SCP-6013 decided to execute a protocol that destroyed the warship and Hannah.
  • SCP-6283: A chimeric monster resembling a lion with the tail of a iguana and two human arms protruding from its back with mouths in their palms. It was originally a child named Levushka who after forcefully undergoing a ritual which was executed by his Neo-Sarkic parents and attendants, transformed into a monster which proceeded to devour everyone in its vicinity, including his parents and the cultists, causing their consciousnesses to be assimilated into Levushka leaving him to fight for control while his older brother, Edmon, took care of him.
  • SCP-6360: A species of monsters whose appearance and abilities were modeled after the legendary basilisk. They were previously Proto-Sarkites who after learning about the existence of SCP-2191-3 and the destruction and deaths it was causing, they became disillusioned with their religion and transformed themselves in order to kill it and its offspring to prevent further deaths.
  • SCP-6500: A entropic event which would have caused the total eradication of anomalies. According to some Sarkic scriptures it was supposedly foreseen by Ion during his early conquests.
  • SPC-140: Also known as BRONZE UPPERCUT, is an ancient scroll written on the skin of a CYAN ABYSS, "Sharkic" humans who transformed themselves into creatures resembling a fusion between them, sharks and octopuses. The scroll functions exactly like SCP-140, but only works when it's near the CYAN ABYSS's ink or hide. The scrolls also function as a way to disrupt the influence of SPC-001, the Sharkic Messiah.
  • SPC-507: An operation aimed to stop the interdimensional Selachian creatures known as the RED NETHER, "angels" and "acolytes" of the Sharkic messiah figure known as SPC-001.
  • SCP-709-KO: A bust made out of a human male torso and head whose insides were replaced with non-anomalous machinery. A Church of the Broken God preacher used the bust to perform false miracles and spread the religion. However, Karcist Vetot manipulated the flesh parts of the bust causing it to speak about Sarkic doctrines which had a memetic effect on the people hearing it as they would be compelled to execute these doctrines.




  • Cornelius P. Bodfel III (Karcist Sulkisk)
  • Simon Oswalt (Karcist Karvas)
  • Aleksei Kravchuk (Karcist Varis)
  • Vivian Durant-Croÿ
  • Alexander Croÿ
  • János the Wise (Karcist Sverok)
  • Võlutaar Jaská
  • Dávgon the Younger
  • Draga Negrescu
  • Karcist Alka
  • Karcist Nakiakken
  • Karcist Viekudh
  • Karcist Halyna Ieva
  • Lucretia Popescu (formerly)
  • Herman Fuller (formerly)





  • The word "Sarkic" derives from Greek and it means "Flesh". The word "Adytum" also comes from Greek language which referred to a restricted area within the cella of a Greek or Roman temple.
    • In a similar fashion, the word "nälkä" means "hunger" in Finnish.
  • The House Dagoth from the game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind served as one of the inspirations for Sarkicism.
  • The SCP Foundation's Dr. Judith Low, Senior Adviser at the Department of History, is a specialist in Sarkic culture and anomalies.
  • During an interview with Dr. Clef, Ion showed dislike in referring to his religion as Sarkicism, since the name originated as a slang from the Mekhanites, opting to instead use their real name Nälkä.
  • Metaphysician, the author and creator of Sarkicism and most of its lore, was temporarily banned from the SCP Foundation site due to having heavily plagiarized from Sethianism and other works when writing Sarkic based articles.
  • An instance of SCP-2305-A, a paper which describes failed attempts at neutralizing various anomalies, which described a failed attempt at neutralizing SCP-139-ARC through incineration which instead resulted in the resurrection of daeva general Sepid the White and the expansion of the Daevites' history to today who then processed to take over the world, also described a resistant movement called the "Rebirth of Adytum". This movement was founded in Greece, the Sahara, Northwestern India and the Urals, and was led by Ion. This movement also hunted down former SCP Foundation employees, since they were responsible for the resurrection of the Daevites.
  • Although never stated, given that SCP-6140 resulted in the Daevites reverting to a normal and peaceful civilization, it is presumed that just like with the Scarlet King Sarkicism also ceased to exist as it never actually existed. However, it is also possible that Sarkicism doesn't take place in the same settings as SCP-6140.
    • The reason why Sarkicism was left out of SCP-6140 is probably because one of the co-authors, stormbreath, despised the lore of the of the organization.
  • When Foundation astronauts were sent into space to see how the universe was expanding as a result of SCP-184, they came across several copies of known planets, satellites and stars made out of random materials, one of which included a copy of Earth made out of human flesh and bones that prompted one of the astronauts to call it a Sarkic utopia.
  • It is possible that SCP-2610 may have ties to Sarkicism since the members produced human abominations through incest and genetic manipulation that was seen as serving a holy objective. However, it appears from the article that it is actually more tied with SCP-2935 rather than Sarkicism.
  • The official religion of the Great Barrier Reef Empire-In-Exile, an underwater nation-state made out of SCP-3932-Δ instances which are sapient dolphins, bore extreme similarities to Sarkicism, but it is most likely that the two religions have separate origins and that it's just a coincidence.
  • Gerard Hopworth from SCP-4716 was named after Jared Hopworth from The Magnus Archives series.
  • In the "Aces and Eights" canon, a universe in which the SCP Foundation is set in the Old Wild West, a reclusive Karcist in northern Utah created SCP-4910 using black bears as a template.

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