You think you can defeat a god? Hahaha, you amuse me. Well all right, I'll humor you, and myself, just this once.
~ Saruin

Saruin is the main villain from the video game Romancing SaGa.


Saruin is the youngest of the three Wicked Gods who born from the hatred from the Goddess of Destruction Saiva, along with his siblings Death who was born from her bones and Schirach who was born from her hair. They all fought a gruesome war against the god Elore and the other gods. Schirach and Death were eventually defeated and surrendered, Schirach being turned into a mortal woman and Death being left to care for the mortal's souls. Saruin, however, was not willing to lose, and so he created many monsters to aid him (many of which turned on against him, such as the Elemental Lords and the Jewel Beast). Elore then created the Fatestones to imprison Saruin, giving them to the human hero Mirsa. Mirsa defeated Saruin and imprisoned him, but was mortally wounded in doing so, so Elore saved him by making him ascend to godhood. With the battle between the gods over, the world was left a wasteland, so Elore swore that such a battle would not happen again, deciding to not intervene in the mortal's fate anymore.

Much time later, the binding over Saruin starts to weaken, enough for him to create a manifestation of his soul on the outside in the form of the three Minions, Scorn, Spite and Strife. The Minions start to cause all manners of trouble around the world in order to destabilize the nations, allowing them to retrieve the Fatestones to restore Saruin's power. Elore, not willing to intervene directly, takes the guise of the Minstrel, helping the heroes by giving them advice on their quests. After the three minions are defeated, Saruin manifests himself for the final battle, his strength will be determined if the Minions claimed Fatestones by defeating the player on the first playthrough. Upon being confronted, Saruin claims his defeat was a trap devised by Elore, and is determined to prove that mortals cannot defeat a god by challenging the heroes to the final battle. As he is once again defeated, he unleashes his remaining power in an attempt to kill the heroes along with him, which ultimately fails.

In later playthroughs one can purposefully offer Saruin Fatestones or by losing them or surrendering them to Saruin's Minions.

Other appearances


Saruin's final boss form

His final form appears as a boss in 'Imperial SaGa''.

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