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Sasha Rassimov is the overarching antagonist of the Hostel film series. He only appears in Hostel II as the major antagonist.

He is the leader and manager of the Elite Hunting, a criminal organization that kidnaps civilians and tortures them to death. As the leader of this organization, he's responsible for the death of hundreds, if not thousands of innocent backpackers in Slovakia. His inhumane business has made Sasha a vast fortune and he lives in a large and lavish mansion.

He was portrayed by Milan Kňažko.


Not much is known about of his past life, besides the fact he has in charge of Elite Hunting. He appears for the first time on the terrace of a Slovakian Coffee House, where he is relaxing with two bloodhounds. There he receives a box from a courier, clearly pleasing him.

The content is later revealed to be the head of the escaped Paxton from Hostel, who was killed in the beginning of the film. Later, he appears at the local Harvest Festival, accompanied by his bloodhounds. He's greeted by many people at the festival and appears as a friendly patriarch.

He reappears several times throughout the movie but his most iconic appearance is the negotiation scene between him and Beth.


The main character from Hostel, Paxton started having nightmares from what previously happened to him. The next day, his girlfriend sees him sitting in the kitchen, without his head while the cat is eating his corpse. His head has been delivered to the boss Sasha.

As the movie goes on, Beth Salinger, ends up getting attacked by the Bubblegum Gang, but she got saved by Sasha and Axelle. Because this happened, Sasha ended up taking his pistol and shot one of the kids as punishment for damaging his "merchandise". At Sasha's mansion, Beth ends up seeing the Elite Hunting members who chased her before, realizing that Sasha and Axelle are apart of their group. She immediately reacts going to a hiding place, where she discovered a room filled of human heads as trophies.

She ends up getting captured and being sent to the butchering factory. She eventually gets abused by Stuart, but she manages to lock him down instead. Sasha with his guards then come in, seeing what is going on. Beth tried to negotiate with Sasha, offering him to give him money. Sasha denies at first saying she can't afford to but Beth reveals she has a large fortune in various oversees accounts and can indeed pay Sasha's price. He reconsiders and agrees but tells her that, as per Elite Hunting rules, she must kill someone in order to leave. Stuart furiously start insulting Beth, which escalates in Beth cutting his penis, making him bleed to death.

Sasha becomes very satisfied over this and makes Beth a new member of his Elite Hunting crew.


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