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~ Sasha Waybright revealing her true color to Anne Boonchuy and the citizen of Wartwood.

Sasha Waybright is the secondary antagonist of Amphibia. She was originally a student of Saint James Middle School until being teleported to the titular land three months prior, along with Anne and Marcy.

She is voiced by Anna Akana in her first villainous role.


Sasha is a charismatic and persuasive girl who is somewhat of a rule-breaker to boot as she eagerly encouraged Anne to steal the music box. Although she comes off as manipulative and selfish, she is not without a caring side, having promised to herself that she will find her friends who also got stuck in Amphibia and take them back home as well as persuading Grime to be more affectionate for his soldiers.


Season 1

Sasha made her debut at the end of the episode Best Fronds, she can be seen with Captain Grime thinking about finding another human in Amphibia.

In Prison Break, a couple of giant herons attacked the Toad Tower. Grime ordered his army to fight, but they were too weak to fight back. Seeing Sasha can fight, the toad leader used her help to fight the herons. Sasha advised him to be friendlier to his army, which gained an advantage for him. After the battle, Captain Grime offered Sasha one final mercy, leaving his castle to find her friends or joining the toad army. She chose the latter, and he told her to meet him in the castle.

At the end of the episode Anne of the Year, she and Anne meet again.

Sasha also returned in Reunion to invite the frogs to have a party with the toads. When Sasha revealed that the party was a trap, Anne tried to help the frogs escape, but all of them were surrounded by the toads. Grime asked for a duel between Anne and Sasha, but after the boom shrooms exploded, the tower collapsed, Sasha was about to fall until Anne had caught her just in time. Knowing Anne and the Plantar family couldn't hold her weight for all of them to climb back up, Sasha said to Anne with parting words and tears in her eyes "Maybe you're better off without me," and willingly let go to fall to her death. Luckily, Grime would catch her before she reached the ground,  Grime looked at Anne angrily and escaped with the unconscious Sasha and his toad army to an unknown location.

Season 2

In Toadcatcher Sasha is shown to be training hard to face Anne and the Plantars. She trie to get Grime to train but he has become lazy since his army dissolved to the point where she even tried to get Percy and Braddock to attack him. When General Yunnan arrives to kill Grime, he and Sahsa run through the forest where Grime reveals to her that the reason Sasha has been training was because she lost Anne which she admits is true and has been trying hard to protect the one friend she has left, which is Grime. After facing General Yunnan and tricking her into a trap Sahsa and Grime then decide to conquer the capital. Sasha then vows to find Anne claiming they are not over yet.


  • Like Anne, Sasha has been repressing her emotions ever since the events of Reunion.
  • Sasha's Favorite Food is Orange Chicken.
  • Sasha is shown through her expressions to have Guilt, Remorse, Trauma and Sadness over what occurred between her and Anne at Toad Tower and has realized she's been a Bad Friend. She's repressing those emotions/feelings because '" It's Easier then Facing Reality".
  • Creator Matt Braly describes Sasha as Someone with "Good Intentions..... Bad Execution."
  • Anne and Sasha's Next Encounter will be "Volcanic".
  • Sasha has been Confirmed by Series Creator Matt Braly to develop and change as a person throughout the course of the series.


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