Sasquatch is the mightiest of all!

Sasquatch is one of the supporting villains of the Nickelodeon short-lived animated series The X's. He is one of the members of the S.N.A.F.U. organization. He tries to have all animal to return to their rightful place as masters of planet. He uses the third person to refer himself.

He was voiced by the late Randy Savage.

Physical Appearance

Sasquatch is a anthropomorphic half-animal creature with brown body and black limbs, black eyes with yellow pupils.


Sasquatch is the strongest member of the S.N.A.F.U. organization. He has the ability to roar to hypnotize or brainwash animals.


Sasquatch first appeared in "Boy's Best Friend", he gives Truman a puppy (named Rex) for his birthday, who was meant to kill Truman. He turns all the U.N. leaders into animals, which Sasquatch uses his mind-controlling roar to the animals to attack the X's. When Truman and Rex tries to save them, Sasquatch roars at Rex and has him attack Truman, but Truman refuses to fight. Rex and the other animal breaks free from their hypnotized minds and they attack Sasquatch for calling them stupid.

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