Sassy Stephie @ Smash Wrestling

Sassy Stephie is a villainess competing mainly for the Women Superstars Uncensored promotion, where she has held the WSU Spirit and Tag Team Championships. She also competes for NCW Femmes Fatales and SHIMMER, among other promotions.

Stephie is best known for being part of the WSU roster, where she began as a babyface before turning heel and aligning with Jessicka Havok and Allysin Kay to form the Midwest Militia. The trio held all of the titles during their time together, with Kay and Stephie holding the tag titles, and Havok (at one point) holding the WSU World and Spirit Championships together. After two years together, dissension developed when Stephie verbally blasted Havok for not appearing at the Uncensored Rumble event. However, when Havok appeared at the following event, Blood and Thunder, Stephie was nowhere to be found. At Mutiny in February 2014, Stephie was set to defend the tag titles against Annie Social and Kimber Lee, but Kay was not in attendance. Havok volunteered to team with Stephie, only to attack her during the match and cost her the titles. At the end of the event, Stephie attacked Havok from behind, but she was run out by both Havok and Alpha Female.

It was at the Queen and King event that Stephie's alliance with WSU owner DJ Hyde began, as they teamed up and fell short in the first round of the Queen and King Tournament. After Stephie defeated Solo Darling at Resurgence, she and Hyde brutally attacked then-WSU Champion LuFisto, after she turned down Hyde's offer. At Breaking Barriers III, the evil Stephie announced that she is now part of WSU management, and she hired Amanda Rodriguez as her assistant. The trio, now known as "The Office," attacked LuFisto at the end of the event. Stephie was defeated by Tessa Blanchard at the 8th Anniversary Show on February 21, 2015, and later in the event, she and the rest of The Office attacked LuFisto, only to be beaten down by LuFisto's opponent, Shanna.

At Power, Stephie defeated Jenny Rose with Amanda and Rachelle's help, and later in the main event, Stephie's henchwomen cost LuFisto the WSU Championship against Cherry Bomb. After the match, Stephie laughed evilly at her handiwork and ordered Amanda and Rachelle to finish off LuFisto, only for LuFisto to brutally attack both women with a chair. Stephie later suspended LuFisto for her actions, and had her thrown out of the building.

Stephie is portrayed as a trash-talking villainess, but in WSU, she is portrayed as power-hungry and opportunistic.


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