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Hey, policeman. How many days have you gone without? Poor thing. Don't you ever comfort yourself? I knew it! You're always wanted to be a policeman ever since you were a kid! You were always studying and never played. You didn't criticize the dirty room and went in anyway. You do lots of busy work. You're a hard-working good boy. But sometimes, you get lonely. Go ahead, hit me. Hit me, and you'll feel better. Hey, you don't have to hold back. It'll make you feel really good. Hit my face as hard as you can. Punch me in the stomach, yell at me. And then rip off my clothes. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's who you really are. And it's the most important part of your heart. You can act like a little kid, or you can be violent. You can do anything you want to me. You can use me as your outlet~
~ Satou's Aunt sexually harassing a police officer.
I don't care what you do. I'll swallow up any desire. That's what love is.
~ Satou's Aunt explaining her view on love.

Satō's Aunt is the secondary antagonist in the psychological horror manga and anime series Happy Sugar Life. She is the Ward of Sato.

She is voiced by Kikuko Inoue.


Sometime after the death of Sato's parents, she was made to live with her aunt. Unfortunately for her, Sato's aunt was a hedonistic woman who slept around, as well as pleasured herself by allowing others to beat her, step on her, among other things. She is responsible for Sato's warped concept of love.

Afterward, Sato's aunt wasn't seen again. After Kitaumekawa destroyed the body bags as requested by Sato, he became convinced that Sato had actually murdered her. Given how letters assigned to her were sent back, this seemed to prove further that she was deceased. As a result, Kitaumekawa calls for the authorities to inspect Sato's apartment. Surprisingly, a bandaged woman emerges from the doorway, revealing that Sato's Aunt was still alive. Sato attempts to force herself on one of the police officers before being forced off of him.

After Sato's murder of Shouko, Sato convinces her aunt to help her escape with Shio. Despite her flatly telling her that she was a spoiled brat who would make rash decisions in spite of the consequences, Sato's aunt agrees to assist her niece and also learns of what Sato did to her friend. The two manage to pack up and gather a few items for the getaway. While Sato and Shio would escape to a tropical location for their "honeymoon," Sato's aunt would destroy the evidence of the two ever being there.

Whilst pouring gasoline in the room, Sato's aunt is met by Taiyō Mitsuboshi when he informed Asahi that Sato was keeping his sister hostage at the apartment. However, Sato's aunt gets the better of him, and forces herself onto the young man. Given how his encounter with his former manager, this triggers a traumatic episode from the young man. After having her way with the young boy, Satou's Aunt then sets the first floor on fire before escaping. Towards the end of the episode, she is arrested by the authorities for her participation in the arson incident. She is last seen happily confirming she was the culprit on live television. It's possible she was sent to a asylum after that.





  • It's unknown why she was a sadomasochist.
  • It's implied after her arrest she possible went to a asylum instead of prison because she might take her sadomasochistic actions too far which can lead her to die if she was sent to prison.

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