Satan (also known as Hades) is the main antagonist of the Animaniacs episode, Hot Bothered and Bedeviled. He is the lord of Hell.

Satan also has a dog called Cerberus.

The episode, Hot Bothered and Bedeviled was almost banned due to Satan being in the episode since he's the devil.

He is voiced by Ron Perlman, the voice of Slade from Teen Titans Go! and Kago from Tarzan II. The voice of Satan/Hades was also the narrator of 1,000 ways to die.

Hot Bothered and Bedeviled was Satan's only appearance in Animaniacs. However, he appeared in a Tiny Toons episode called Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery where Plucky Duck is a lawyer. But, it's revealed that it was only Babs Bunny.


Satan is a devil with red skin, yellow eyes, burgundy legs, black devil horns, black legs and a black devil tail.