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Woody, for this great work you did, you'll be rewarded by an eternity ... in Hell.
~ Satan

Satan is a semi-recurring villain from the Comedy Central animated series, Brickleberry, appearing in such episodes as "A-Park-A-Lypse" and "Cops and Bottoms" but in different forms. He is a big evil demon, who rules over Hell.


In "Miracle Lake", Woody said that Christmas was a lie invented by Satan. He showed a picture of Santa Claus on a TV screen transforming into Satan, via flames.

In "A-Park-A-Lypse", Connie was somehow reeled into a Satanic cult, where she was trapped to a board and inseminated by Satan, himself. Satan, who was also strapped to a board, was disgusted by Connie's ugly body and reluctant to impregnate her, asking his followers if they were just playing a joke on him. However, they were not joking and Satan was instructed to continue with fucking Connie, so that nine months later, she would give birth to the Anti-Christ, which she named Donnie Cunaman. Satan was not present for the rest of the episode but Donnie and his many demon friends were and they carried out Satan's initial plans to break free from Hell and unleash a reign of apocalyptic evil onto the world.

In "Cops and Bottoms", Woody got a hemorrhoid that looked like Jesus Christ. Such doctors as Dr. Kuzniak refused to cut it off because they saw it as a sacred and holy figure. Before long, Woody became a religious prodigy among many Christian people, (mostly Mexicans), who saw Woody's hemorrhoid as a blessing from God. At the end of the episode, the hemorrhoid started talking, proving that it actually was a religious figure but it wasn't Jesus. It was Satan going in disguise as Jesus. Satan told Woody that he would be given an eternity in Hell. Just then, the real Jesus came up and put an end to the Satanic hemorrhoid by rubbing hemorrhoid cream on it and vanquishing it from existence.


  • Despite Brickleberry taking place in the same universe as it's sister series, Paradise P.D., Satan's appearance in Paradise P.D. greatly differs from his any of his appearances in Brickleberry.

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