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I was born at the moment that men and women decided that covetousness, lust, anger, envy, gluttony, and sloth and all that misery and malice that they inspire wasn't born in their own hearts. I'm just, I'm tired of being blamed for every vile and malevolent thing that happens in this world. I don't like it.
~ The Man aka Satan about himself.

The Man under his self-proclaimed name Satan because of his belief that he is The Devil himself, is the main antagonist of the 2002 horror suspense movie Crazy as Hell based on the 1982 novel Satan (Satan: His Psychotherapy and Cure by the Unfortunate Dr. Kassler, J.S.P.S.) by Jeremy Leven.

He was portrayed by Eriq La Salle, who also directed the film Crazy as Hell, and the same actor who played Darryl Jenks, Lisa McDowell's self-centered boyfriend and the "Prince of Sol-Glo" because of himself as the Sol-Glo shampoo spray heir in Coming to America.

Meeting Satan

The Sedah State Hospital

Sedah State Hospital

Dr. Ty Adams, a brilliant and controversial doctor whose non-medicinal approach treating patients have crowned him a hero in some circles, has arrived at Sedah State Hospital, a nearby state-run mental institution. He later has a chess game with the facility's administrator Dr. Samuel Delazo who runs the facilty and introduced him to a documentary crew that is filming an inside-look at the hospital. Adams himself is actually traumatized by the death of his own daughter Brianna and the suicide of his wife Veda. His arrogance and insistence on being right leads him to locking the police away from a suicidal patient, a scared young girl named Cheryl and attempting to talk her down himself, only to have the situation under control. Later one night, the Man who is once called Barnett, a strange new patient inexplicably appear on the doorsteps of the hospital via a limousine and immediately volunteered himself in as a patient. He first met Dr. Adams and he began explaining a little about himself including Satan's ages-old aliases (such as Lucifer, Beelzebub, Prince of Darkness, Lord of the Dead, Lord of Vermin, BelialPluto, Apollyon, AbaddonOld Nick (nickname for the beer product of the British Young's Brewery pup chain as the nickname for The Devil in England), "Auld Nick" (Scottish nickname for Satan), and Angel of the Botttomless Pit), his origins and his role as the embodiment of evil.

The Devil (Crazy as Hell)

"Satan" demonstrates his so-called powers by shouting "Chaos" at the mental patients.

He than reveal jarring truths about him, leading to the hospital's patients dancing under his influence, patients running wild while on a permitted field trip to the park, seducing and raping a nurse named Lupa, and ultimately to the suicide of the institutionalized young woman Cheryl who reminded Dr. Adams of his daughter Brianna. The death calls a halt to the documentary.

Dr. Adams all alone comtemplating Cheryl's death and the memory of his dead wife and daughter, was approached by Satan who kept tellling him that he is the lord of the Earth and everything in it. Adams then starting fighting him and choking him, telling him that he is a mere man and his real name is "William Barnett Jr.". He explained that his father was a Baptist preacher named Willaim Barnett Sr. who was murdered by a junkie on September 10, 1997 which became the man's descent into madness. He then left and had Barnett committed.

Dr. Adams prepares to leave, satisfied that he had discovered the secret behind Barnett's real identity, having found and spoken to his mother. Adams and the administrator regretfully say goodbye, having left their chess game unfinished.

Just before he leaves, Barnett's mother, Ada Barnett arrives and asks him to take a fruit basket to her son, whom Adams has had locked away in solitary in a 24-hour straitjacket as a menace to himself and other patients. The mother asks Adams if he believes in God, and he says no. The mother told him her deceased husband used to always say; "God works in mysterious ways while The Devil plays in stranger ways.". When he opens the door, he see Barnett inside the room in the straitjacket, but while still at the doorway Adams is distracted by an orderly, and when he looks into the room it is empty. He looks out into the hallway at Barnett's mother, who takes off her wig revealing a bald head. He chases her around a corner and finds that Barnett's mom is now revealed the clever Barnett in the old woman's clothes. He chases him further and stumbles into a bedroom where he finds himself, bleeding, dying or dead, apparently having killed himself over his daughter's death.

Dr. Samuel Delazo

Dr. Delazo

Dr. Samuel Delazo the Devil

Dr. Delazo revealed to be Satan himself.

He then realizes that he is now in a library, and looks around to see Dr. Delazo sitting on a throne as The Devil surrounded by the patients and staff, all horribly transformed, including the recent suicide Cheryl. The Devil says, "Checkmate". Adams tells the assembly that he knows this is not real, and that he knows who he is. The administrator/Lucifer asks him who is he. Adams says he is a good man. And The Devil asks, "then why are you here?". As he keeps protesting that he is a good man, he continues to denied his fate.


Part 1

Hello Dr. Adams. My name is Satan. It's a pleasure to meet you.
~ Satan to Dr. Ty Adams.
Oh, that's quite alright, Dr. Adams. I'm always a bit partial to warmth.
~ Satan to Dr. Ty Adams.
Yes, I did. I just walked in and signed up.
~ Satan to Dr. Ty Adams about his voluntary admission at Sedah State Mental Hospital.
Just kidding. I was having a little fun with the night shift.
~ Satan
Of course, it is. I don't have a social security.
~ Satan who lied about his social security number designated as "6-6-6".
Whatever you like. Satan, the Devil, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Prince of Darkness, Lord of the Dead, Lord of Vermin, Lucifer, Pluto, Apollyon, Abaddon, Belial, Beelzebub, Old Nick.
~ Satan about his many classical dark aliases.
Actually, I liked that. "Old Nick." Especially with a Scottish accent, "Auld Nick." Ha. Sounds like a kind of guy you'd buy a beer for, right?
~ Satan about his many classical dark nicknames including "Old Nick" and "Auld Nick".
(Dr. Ty Adams: Well, what does my opinion have to with this?)
(Dr. Ty Adams: Really? Why?)
Well, because if you treat me like a man who thinks he's the devil, then we're gonna waste a lot of time. Sure, you'll seem to relate with me, pay me a lot of earnest attention, but all the while, you're gonna be lookin' for that clue, that slip of the tongue that you feel supports of delusion of psychotic state. That wouldn't be honest now, would it, Dr. Adams? That would be patronizing. So why don't you just accept who I am and deal with me?
(Dr. Ty Adams: All right, if you're Satan, then--?)
If I'm Satan?
(Dr. Ty Adams: All right. Why are you?)
Because I'm Satan.
~ Satan to Dr. Ty Adams.
Permit me.
~ Satan, before immediately promptly knocking the now-unlocked window of Dr. Ty Adams' office at at Sedah State Mental Hospital.
You mind as I lay on your sofa? I've always wanted to try that.
~ Satan who is particularly fond of the chaise longue used popularly by therapy patients and even therapists alike.
Well, it makes me angry. It makes me feel like doing something really apocalyptic, Dr. Adams.
(Dr. Ty Adams: So, we're talking about your anger?)
I suppose.
(Dr. Ty Adams: A problem with your self-esteem.)
No, not at all.
(Dr. Ty Adams: Not even a little?)
No, we're talking about the irresponsibility of your species, the weaknesses that causes men-- I'm sorry, excuse me-- and women to externalize evil, make me the fall guy, the scapegoat for all the misery that's perpetuated on this planet.
~ Satan about his anger and his views on the Earth's human race.
God made you in His image, right? Come on. Man is screwed up as they come. So what does that say about Him?
(Dr. Ty Adams: A problem with your self-esteem.)
I didn't say that.
~ Satan about God.
Actually, I feel sorry for you all.
(Dr. Ty Adams: Why is that?)
Well, because God made you with all these impulses, these natures, and then said, "thou shalt not act on 'em." I think that is so f**ked up. Don't you?
~ Satan about God and mankind.
I want a soul.
~ Satan
Mhm. I like yours-- your passion, your devotion, your self-righteousness and God complex. It... turns me on like you wouldn't believe.
~ Satan (to Dr. Ty Adams about his soul).
You're gonna help me prove a point, Doctor.
(Dr. Ty Adams: Really? What point is that?)
That you and your species are irrevocably hopeless.
(Dr. Ty Adams: And how do I do that?)
By accepting the hopelessness of your deluded life.
~ Satan to Dr. Ty Adams.
(Dr. Ty Adams: So let me get this right. Your job, other than your work, a day lord of the underworld thing is to make a good argument? God is love, and you're reason, and there's a contrary side to everything. So-- so why do you think you're so misunderstood?)
Because I have a bad publicist. Dr. Adams, none of my press makes sense. I'm supposed to spend my time punishing sinners that I'm supposed to adore to prove a point to a God I'm supposed to despise? Come on, please. What? Did I say something?
~ Satan to Dr. Ty Adams about himself and God.
(Dr. Ty Adams: Tell me about creation.)
What? Adam and Eve, Garden of Eve?(Dr. Ty Adams: Yes.)
Well, you know, it's all metaphor, but it does manage to represents one of the only shreds of truth about me.
(Dr. Ty Adams: You're a snake in the grass?)
That's funny. No. That it has me, a serpent, tending the Tree of Knowledge.
~ Satan to Dr. Ty Adams about the Biblical legends of creation.
(Dr. Ty Adams: Well, some people have always felt that God has always been particularly skittish about intellectualism, man gaining too much knowledge)
Exactly, I'm all for it. He's threatened by it. You know, people buy His product, they didn't know any better. The more you know, the less sense the old man makes.
~ Satan to Dr. Ty Adams about the mythical Tree of Knowledge serves as a metaphor for intellectualism.
Ignorance-- oh, please-- it's not bliss. It's boring.
~ Satan

Part 2

Hey. How about an excursion?
~ Satan
Sure. We still have 45 minutes left. You don't seem like you're having a great morning. What do we say we go down to the commissary and find something refreshing to drink?
~ Satan asking Dr. Ty Adams about continuing their 1 hour session at Sedah State Hospital's commissary.
Good. This is fun, isn't it?
~ Satan


  • The Satan Computer

    The Satan computer as depicted in Satan: His Psychotherapy and Cure by the Unfortunate Dr. Kassler, J.S.P.S..

    The human maniac Barnett also known as The Man and The Devil, has a lot in common with a large brain-like computer called Satan that was the creation of renowned scientist Dr. Leo Szlyck (whom the hospital's head administer Doctor Samuel "Sam" Delazo (portrayed by Ronny Cox who also played Dick Jones in RoboCop (1987) and Vilos Cohaagen in Total Recall (1990) was based on) and the main antagonist of the 1982 novel Satan. The two shared the same ego, believing the two of them are The Devil incarnate.
    • Also in the novel, Dr. Sam Zelazo (which is Dr. Samual Delazo is inspired by), who is a fellow psychiatrist, was Szlyck's mortal enemy, "from way back" when they were both students in their native country of Romania, and he seduces Vita away from Sy Kassler and gathers evidence against Kassler to be used in his alimony and custody trial. Late in the novel, he is revealed to be the son of The Devil.
  • After the incident in the park, Dr. Adams asks one of the Sedah State Mental Hospital's staff members to check the prints of "Satan" on the state database, and they discovered odd findings on the mental patient's identity: 1. Thumbs matches those of John Dillinger. 2. Index fingers matches those of Salvador Dali. 3. Middle finger matches that of Jeffrey Dahmer. 4. Ring fingers matches those of Milli and Vallini (which could be fakes). 5. Right pinky finger matches that of a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard in Mississippi.
  • When The Man/Satan was signing in before admitting himself into Sedah State Mental Hospital as their next patient, he wrote everything on the sign-in note including "Real name: Satan", "Gender/Sex: Male and Female" (claiming himself to be genderless like most [non-human] spirits who are genderless), "Date of Birth/DOB: First in the Order of Time", "Address: Gehenna", "Occupation: Prince of Lies", "Social Security: 666" (a lie due to the fact he does not have a social security number). Dr. Adams dismissed all that as some kind of a joke before moving forward with interviewing with his new "patient".
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