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Solomon forged this place with nothing but words and stone! Awakening this power from the depths of the Earth. He extended his hand to the darkness for my family, for me! Three hundred years it's lived, grown. We've cultivated it. We've sacrificed for it! And you think you can stop it?
~ Nick explaining the Goode's Faustian bargain to Deena.
The veil has grown thin with the turn of the moon. And with it, the Morning Star rises. Beware the Devil. He lives in that book. He calls to you from it. He senses you now. And if you're not careful, he'll bore himself beneath your skin and he'll consume you from the inside out.
~ The Widow warning Sarah Fier

Lucifer, also known as Satan or simply The Devil, is the unseen overarching antagonist of Netflix's horror trilogy Fear Street, based on R.L Stine's book series of the same name.

He is the demonic ruler of Hell who made a deal with Solomon Goode, an outcast member of a really powerful family in the old year of 1666. Solomon exchanged the souls in the poor town of Shadyside for power in his family and settlement. For years, the Devil would keep his side of the deal by possesing Shadysiders and making them kill everything they have in front of them. Local Shadysiders believe these acts to be the doing of The Witch of Shadyside, an urban legend that became the new identity of Satan and a symbol of the town.



While Satan himself never appeared in the trilogy, his actions involving a deal with the Goode family had far-reaching consequences. Solomon Goode was a self-turned outcast of the powerful Goode family. He believed he could be a good farmer, but fate played him the wrong hand. Tired of his bad luck, Solomon killed a witch known as ''The Widow'' and stole a powerful grimoire from her. With it, he made a deal with the Devil himself: He would name out loud the name of a person in his local town Union. A demonic force would carve the name of that person in a stone wall, allowing the Devil to possess him. The enslaved person would then turn into a maniac killer that would hunt down everything they have in front.

The blood shed by all the victims would serve as power fuel for Satan. In exchange, Solomon got power and prosperity for himself and his legacy. Satan would carve an underground maze in the shape of a symbol known as ''The Devils Mark'' (later renamed as ''The Witchs Mark''). In its center, a demonic heart would grow from the floor that poured a sinister black substance. Solomon was discovered by her love interest Sarah Fier, a local Union towny that was falsely accused of Witchcraft. He framed her for all his doings and the town hanged her. Sarah transformed in a local legend and symbol of the town, the Witch that would arise from the grave to take vengeance. Union would split up in two different towns: Shadyside and Sunnyvale.

The Goode family would keep their part of the deal for centuries, by feeding this demon womb the souls of the innocent. Sunnyvale would transform in a prosperous town where everybody wanted to live, while Shadyside turned in a cursed place that would gave birth to many gruesome serial killers. They blame these acts on the Witch of Shadyside, while the reality is that Satan is the one that keeps his demonic grasp on them.

Fear Street Part 1: 1994

Shadyside is a town known for its long history of violent murders committed by single persons. The record is so long that it gained the nickname of "USA's Killer Capital". In a cold night of 1994, the same thing happened again. A local graduate named Ryan Torres simply snapped and murdered seven people in Shadyside's Mall, place that he worked in, dressing himself with a cloaked skull costume and using a knife. Ryan was shot in the head by Sheriff Nick Goode, who arrived the scene following a call made by one of the workers who was being pursued by the killer. Unfortunately, he arrived too late. Some Shadysiders take this as another of the Witch's curses, who just turned Ryan in another of her slaves.

Local student Deena and her brother Josh attend at the same school, who is currently mourning for one of the victims, another student named Heather (who was also Ryan's friend). The school is planning to make a football game with rival town Sunnyvale, but before that, there is an obligatory veil watch for respect to the victims. Deena and her drug dealer friends Kate and Simon attend to the game, but they are caught in a fight between both teams as Sunnyvale's Devils team leader Peter insulted them, saying that the mourning can't be real if it happens every day. Peter is also the boyfriend of Sam, Deena's ex-girlfriend. Deena tries to get enclosure with her as she believes she is a faker for pretending to not be lesbian. On the ride back home, Shadysiders are planning to get revenge on Sunnyvalers for their insult in the game, but just as they are speaking, they are being pursued by Peter and his friends, throwing eggs to the bus. Deena decides to take the directive of the situation as she saw Sam was also in the car with them (although not participating). She takes a gallon cooler and plans to throw it at them, but is distracted by Kate who says she is nose bleeding. Distracted, the gallon drops out in the wrong place and the Sunnyvaler's car crashes into the woods. A dizzy Sam gets out of the car and starts nose bleeding too on top of a bunch of withered grass, having horrible visions of what appears to be a woman screaming to her. The police arrives the scene but none of the two sides are willing to talk about what happened. Peter sought vengeance against the Shadysiders, much at Deena's disinterest.

The enslaved Ryan Torres still posing as Skull Mask.

The next night, Deena is being stalked by a mysterious individual dressed with a skull suit, the same one used in the night of the mall massacre. She thinks Peter is this mysterious person, and alerts Kate (who was babysitting along with Simon) of this attempt of a prank. However, Skull Mask ends up breaking in the house Kate was in. Luckily for them, the killer seemed to ignore them as he was looking in a bunch of dirty laundry. Thinking that the joke went too far, Deena, her brother and her friends go to the local hospital where Sam was attended in to confront her. Sam says that Peter was with her all night along, something that it's later confirmed as Peter appears in the scene, but is surprisingly killed by Skull Mask by stabbing him in the chest. Deena confronts the killer and unmasks him, revealing that it is the deceased Ryan Torres, still with the gun wound in his forehead. Skull Mask kills other two people before leaving the scene. Deena and Sam try to alert Sheriff Goode but ouf course, he is not believing them, as he was the one who killed him in the first place. Goode leaves the scene to attend at the hospital massacre, and starts to think that this case might have happened before.

The Witch's remains.

Simon leaves his friends for a moment to take a piss and is attacked by a psychotic woman with a barber blade. Deena shoots the woman with a pistol that he stole from one of the officers but notices that the attacker has black blood and also gets up again despite being shot in the head multiple times. Simon describes the attacker to Josh and he explains to him that this woman was in fact Ruby Lane, a local Shadysider that snapped and killed her boyfriend and friends while singing a classic song, a crime that happened nearly thirty years ago. Josh then explains the long history of Shadyside's killers, and tells them that this is the Witch's doing and the curse is real, however, Kate notices that this is not the same kind of curse that happened in the mall, as the modus operandi shifted from possessing people to just sending two of their previous slave undead killers.

Sam enters the scene and explains that they crashed onto the Witch's grave the night of the accident, allowing Sam to see her. This act angered the Witch and then would send more of her slave killers, not stopping until Sam is dead, just like the old nursery rhyme said. The bunch break into the Witch's resting place and try to bury her in a more correct way in a futile attempt to calm the furious spirit, but this only triggered the appearance of another one of the Witch's slaves, the Camp Nightwing Killer, a masked slasher that murdered everyone at the now demolished Camp Nightwing in 1978. The Nightwing Killer runs at full speed to Josh but fully ignores him, instead targeting Sam who is saved by Deena. The cast manage to escape the masked killer and notice that all of the killers are not targeting them on purpose, instead going fully on Sam. They notice that time they were attacked by Skull Mask and Ruby is not because they were going after them, but because they had Sam's blood in their clothes (following the night of the accident).

Josh tries to use this at their advantage and plans a trap to get rid of the killers: They would use Sam's blood to gather all of them in an enclosed place and turn them on fire. They manage to pull the trap using the Elementary School's bathroom, trapping the three killers inside and turning the place in a infernal furnace, making them explode in black goo. However, the killers seem to be a lot more resilient as the strange black material starts to move as every individual were alive, trying to reassemble itself. The Nightwing Killer is the first one to come to physical form and starts pursuing Sam. The bunch eventually gives up as the killers can't be stopped. An angry Kate suggest to sacrifice Sam as they only want her, something that she later agrees, but before she could get axed to death she is then pulled back to the room as Josh discovered that there is a way to escape the curse: A woman known as C. Berman managed to survive the Camp Nightwing massacre by having her heart stop and later being reanimated by a local guy. They notice that the only way of getting rid of the curse is dying, in one way or another. Using this a basis, they pull out another plan: Following an accident that happened to Simon's brother, they plan to kill Sam with an overdose using specific drugs and then reanimate her using adrenaline. Sheriff Goode is seen visiting an old house (supposedly C. Berman's) and delivering a note that says "It's happening again".

The cast go to a drug store and plan to use themselves as bait using clothes stained with Sam's blood while Deena and Sam pull out the plan. Everything turns out to be a complete disaster as Skull Mask interrupted them, sending the drugs flying everywhere. Deena tries to improvise finding another way to kill Sam by drowning her in a lobster tank. This drags out too long and Kate is brutally killed by Skull Mask using a bread slicer. Simon is later axed in the head by the Nightwing Killer, but before he has the chance to kill Josh, Sam finally passes out and "ends" with the Witch's curse, making the killers vanish into thin air. She is later revived using the adrenaline. The remaining trio is interrogated by Sheriff Goode, who notices they are lying. The Sheriff knows what is actually going on this time as he is now aware that this was the curse's doing, but tells the media that the perpetrator were Kate and Simon, who killed everyone just to find drugs.

Deena and Sam reconcile and decide to meet the next night. Deena answers the phone call of a woman later identified as C. Berman, who warns her that despite stopping the killers, the Witch was still looking after them, and she would never stop until get what she wants. We see in a mysterious place that a cloaked figure is carving Sam's name in a gravestone along with many other names belonging to previous enslaved killers. Deena is later stabbed by Sam, much at her surprise. She manages to fight back before getting killed and ties her up using the phone's cord. Deena bows to get her back not mattering the costs.

Fear Street Part 2: 1978

Deena and Josh take up a tied up Sam to C. Berman's house, who now lives as an old hermit that counts everyday since the Camp Nightwing Massacre. She is hesitant to help them at first, but latter agrees to explain them what happened to her the day of the Nightwing Massacre:

The movie is taken to July 19th of 1978. Young Ziggy Berman is having a bad time at Camp Nightwing as Sunnyvaler Sheila and her friends are constantly harassing her for being a "weird girl". Her sister Cindy seems to have a hard time too since her former friend Alice and her boyfriend Arnie make her life a constant hell for a school problem they had in the past (which involved Cindy snitching on Alice), but she gets comforted by her boyfriend Tommy Slater, a camp counselor that works in behalf of Shadyside. The sisters have a troublesome relation as Ziggy believes her sister to be a fake thanks to her desire of being a Sunnyvaler.

The Witch's Mark found at the entrance of the underground maze.

The Camp is in the eve of an event they know as "Color War", when Shadysiders and Sunnyvalers get involved in a series of games to prove which side is the best. Ziggy is taken to Nurse Mary Lane's consulting room to treat a burn made by Sheila. Ziggy enters the old shack just to find that she is completely alone. She finds Mrs. Lane's diary opened in a page that reveals a weird symbol labeled as the "Witch's Mark", but Nurse Lane breaks into the room before she has the chance to inspect it more. She notices a weird, unusual behavior in Nurse Lane, but decides to ignore it. As she is being treated of her burn, she commits the mistake of asking her about the Witch's Mark, which leads to Nurse Lane opening into a psychotic episode regarding what her daughter Ruby Lane did many years ago. Cindy enters the scene and takes a freaked out Ziggy away, making the sisters enter into an argument again. Cindy then goes to clean the mess hall of the camp with Tommy and starts complaining of these outrageous events in her life, but notices that a weird figure is following her. The figure is revealed to be Nurse Lane menacingly holding a knife and saying how Tommy's name was already in the wall and that he couldn't be saved. She then bashes onto him with the knife in an attempt to kill him, but gets fatally wounded in the struggle. Both Tommy and Cindy get traumatized of the event and start thinking of what Nurse Lane meant with those words. Despite this event, the camp still plans to continue with the Color War, starting with a game of Capture the Flag. Tommy is giving positions of the event with fellow Shadysiders but starts hearing weird voices in his head that call for him, followed by a constant headache.

The possessed Tommy Slater killing Arnie.

Cindy and Tommy break into the consulting room to try and find answers about Nurse Lane's behavior (which Cindy believes was caused by drugs). Tommy finds Nurse Lane's diary and starts reading information regarding Sarah Fier's curse, saying how it can stop if both her body and hand reunite. Alice and Arnie break into the place too and take the diary with them in order to find the Witch's house, as Nurse Lane drew a map in it. Both Cindy and Tommy are forced to follow them as Alice took Cindy's purse with her. Once they reach the place they notice a bunch of holes digged by Nurse Lane. They think she might have tried to find Sarah Fier's hand in an attempt to end with the curse that killed her daughter. Arnie finds the Witch's house and decide to go down in an underground stairway located near it. There, they find a bunch of witchcraft stuff and freshly extinguised candles, being evidence of recent activity. They enter a room where an huge Witch Mark is carved in the floor. Arnie decides to leave the place as it was boring for him, but finds out that Tommy is acting weird. Cindy finds a secret passage behind a bookcase, but Alice makes a more disturbing discovery: A set of tombstones with the names of the Shadyside Killers carved in them, and at the end, the name of Tommy. Shortly after this, Tommy grabs an axe hanging on the wall and splits up Arnie's head in two with it, later attempting to kill both girls. They use the bookcase passage to hide from him but they later get buried alive when they push Tommy onto a wall, making the place to crumble down and block the entrance with rocks and debris. They notice the place are actually a bunch of interconnected catacombs that lead into the exit. Alice is mad with Cindy for what happened to Arnie, as she finds out that Nurse Lane was trying to kill Tommy before because she found his name carved in the wall. Cindy tries to find the exit but she ends up walking in circles. She grabs Nurse Lane's diary and discovers that the Witch's Mark actually represents the maze in which they are in, a map that leads to the exit.


While all of this is happening, Ziggy and a young Nick Goode pull a prank on Sheila and lock her up in the Camp's bathroom. Tommy goes around with his axe murdering as much Shadyside campers he can find (most of them being kids). The game is cancelled due to this and all the campers are gathered in the mess hall. Nick and Gary go to find the remaining campers and Ziggy goes to unlock Sheila from the bathroom. Alice and Cindy make her way into the center of the maze, and finds a room filled with a strange black substance and fly-like insects swarming around. They make the gross discovery of a meaty heart-like appendix attached to the floor, the womb that gives birth to all of Sarah Fier's killers in order to come to life again. Alice makes the foolish decision of touching it, and is then haunted by visions of all the Shadyside Killers and Cyrus Miller's eyeless victims that makes her freak out and run scared in all the maze, falling into a pit and breaking her leg. While Cindy is treating her of her wound, she notices that the walls are covered with a red moss that she was trying to previously clean in the bathrooms with Tommy, which means the exit is near.

Ziggy masking Tommy, completing his Nightwing Killer attire.

Meanwhile, Tommy continues with his killing spree by brutally murdering Joan and three kids. Nick finds the gruesome scene and starts vomiting. He is later surprised by Kurt who discovered Joan's body, and tells him to ring the bell and get all the gathered campers out of there in a bus. Ziggy unlocks the bathroom and is attacked by Sheila, but she easily knocks her out. Her screams lead both Alice and Cindy to the exit, which is apparently below one of the toilets. Gary is also lead to the place and decides to help them in getting out by using a rope in a bucket. Unfortunately for them, they are surprised by Tommy, who quickly beheads Gary and later attempts to kill Ziggy, also traping both Alice and Cindy again. Nick finds Ziggy but soon both of them start being pursued by Tommy in the Science and Nature cabin. Using the diary, Alice reveals that there is another exit to the maze right beneath the mess hall, as the camp was built onto Union, the old Shadyside town where Sarah Fier was executed. Cindy finds the locked exit, but Alice stays behind due to her wound. Ziggy is followed by Tommy to the mess hall while Cindy still tries to open the hatch that blocks the exit. She locks herself into the kitchen's storage in an attempt to hide from him, but Tommy destroys the door with the axe. Ziggy stabs him in the chest but does nothing to him aside from making his axe fall. He then tries to kill Ziggy by strangling her, but she defends herself by covering his head with a burlap sack in an attempt to suffocate him, but also proves unsuccesful. Just before he has the chance to finish her, Cindy arrives and kills Tommy with several stabs to the chest, remembering the good times he passed with him.

Sarah Fier's missing hand.

Alice enters the scene and reveals that the exit below the toilets actually contained the Devil's Stone from the legend, which meant she found the millenary Sarah Fier's hand. With one piece of the puzzle in their power, they only had to find Sarah's body to finish the curse once at for all, but Ziggy makes the horrible mistake of dropping her blood in the hand thanks to her bleeding nose. By doing this, she came in contact with the Witch and saw her, showing her angered face. Soon, the black heart below the camp starts beating and pouring a meaty, black substance that gives Sarah's previous enslaved killers shape and form. Thomas also comes back to life and axes Alice to death. Filled with rage, Cindy grabs a shovel and brutally beheads Tommy with it, but even this was not enough to finish him again. The Berman sisters are the only ones left, and they soon notice that all of Sarah's wrath is falling onto them. They quickly run to the tree where Sarah was hung (which was located near the camp) as they believe her body was located there. They start to dig but are quickly surrounded by many of the Shadyside Killers, including Billy Barker and the Milkman. Instead of finding Sarah's body, they just find a rock with a label that reads ''The Witch Forever Lives''. Not having time nor options, Cindy drops Sarah's hand and defends Ziggy from the Nightwing Killer. Ziggy tries to run but is quickly catched by the Milkman, who starts stabbing her. Cindy loses the fight and is then axed to death by her previous boyfriend. The Berman sisters die together in that night. However, Nick enters the scene and revives Ziggy by doing RCP. Unfortunately, Cindy isn't lucky enough.

The movie is taken to 1994 again and C. Berman reveals that her real name is Christine, but addopted the name of Ziggy in the past. Surprised by this story, Deena tells to her that they found the body, but the hand is still missing. Since the Shadyside Mall was build onto Camp Nightwing, they return to the place and find that the old tree was still standing in the middle of the place. They start to dig and find that indeed, that old hand was there. Berman has a bad hunch and speaks to his old friend Sheriff Goode. Deena takes the hand and goes with Josh to the place where everything started, the burial site of Sarah Fier. She reunites both pieces and seemingly finishes with the curse once and for all. However, after a bunch of visions, we see that Deena was taken back to 1666, apparently impersonating Sarah herself.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666

The Widow's grimoire.

Deena is trapped in a long vision involving her impersonating Sarah Fier back in the year of 1666, were Shadyside was just an old village named Union. All of the people there are represented by characters important to the life of Deena or persons that were previously killed (like Kate, Simon, Josh, Sam, and even Thomas). The town is apparently in the eve of an event that involves the full moon, and most of the youngsters in town are planning a big party to celebrate it. Sarah visits her love interest Solomon Goode (represented by Nick Goode), who is a member of a really powerful family but moved to the outskirts of Union to be a farmer. The night falls and Sarah, accompanied by her friends Lizzie and Hannah Miller (represented by Kate and Sam respectively) go to visit an old witch that lives outside town known as 'Widow Mary'', in order to retrieve a special kinds of hallucinogen berries for the party. They enter the Widow's old tent but she is nowhere to be found. While looking for the berries, Sarah finds an strange book that contains a weird satanic ritual to apparently make a bargain with the Devil. She is surprised by the Widow, who warns her that the book is extremely dangerous as Satan lives in it. They return to the party to have some fun with the berries, but Hannah is harassed by a man named Caleb (represented by the deceased Peter). She is protected by Sarah, who publicly humilliates Caleb in front of the party regarding his boner. The duo leave into the woods to have some sex, as they were apparently lesbians, but they are freaked out by a mysterious intruder that is peeping on them from a tree, so they decide to go at Hannah's house. They make a goodbye kiss, not noticing that the town drunk Thomas (represented by Thomas Slater, the Camp Nightwing Killer) is spying on them. Sarah wakes up the next day just to be surprised by Hannah, who tells her that his father Cyrus (the pastor of the town) is behaving really strange. Worst of all, the town is isolated by a wave of decease that is rotting all the town's food, including the water. Thomas is spreading the word that this is the Devil's doing, caused by ''lust and pervertion'' (a hint of Sarah and Hannah being lesbian lovers). The people of the town is gathering in front of the well at the center of the town as something was stuck in it. After many struggles, they drag out the corpse of an animal, who was Sarah Fier's dog.

Cyrus and his victims.

The next day comes and something strange happened: The whole town is gathering at the front of the Meeting House. Apparently, Pastor Miller gathered all of the children in town and locked himself with them. Solomon arrives the scene and manages to enter the house alone. There, he discovers a horrendous scene: The Pastor has killed all of the children by cutting their eyes out with a hook, as well as his own. The impatient crowd enter the House just to see the eyeless corpses of their sons. Sarah also enters the scene and discovers that her little brother Henry (represented by Josh) was amongst them. The Pastor tries to kill Sarah, but is saved by Solomon who kills him with a pitchfork. The seetlement is enraged and try to find a guilty to this apparent act of witchcraft. After many pleas, Caleb finally condemns both Sarah and Hannah in an act of revenge, lying to Union that they were both witches. They capture Hannah but Sarah manages to escape. She returns to the seetlement to look after Hannah, and finds her chained to the floor. She promises her that she would return for her as she offers an unlikely solution: Tired of Union and her beliefs, Sarah soughts to use the Widow's grimoire to make a deal with Satan and escape punishment, also hinting to take vengeance on Union. She reaches the Widow's tent to steal the book, but finds out that someone else already was ahead of her: Not only the book was stolen, but the Widow was dead.

Satan's heart growing at the center of the maze.

A terrified Sarah runs to Solomon's place and explains to him that she was innocent, that someone else made a pact with the Devil and condemned whole town. As she is explaining this, whole Union gather into Solomon's territory and demand to look after Sarah inside his house. Solomon believes her, and helps her to escape her grim fate. Sarah hides in his food storage and notices a small door hidden behind some barrels. She enters it and discovers a secret room with the Devil's Mark carved on the floor, as well as signs of an apparent sacrifice. She also finds the previously lost grimoire opened in the page of the Simple Exchange ritual. That's when she realizes the horrible truth: Solomon was the one who made the deal with the Devil.

He enters the scene, and is seen through flashbacks how he makes the ritual while a demonic force carves the Devil's Mark on the floor. While this happens, an underground maze shaped as the Mark is also carved. We also see that Solomon was the strange figure who was spying on Sarah and Hannah that night after stealing the book. He confesses that he did it in an urge of power and wealth, as luck didn't play the right hand on him as a simple farmer. He only needed to sell one soul to get what he wanted. An angry Sarah tells to him that the possessed Pastor killed twelve innocent children, but to Solomon's eyes no one in Union was innocent, as they were a bunch of fanatic freaks who were hunting her. Using this argument, Solomon tries to bring Sarah to his side, but she stabs him and runs to the underground maze. After a long pursuing, he finally catches and struggles with her, confessing that he loved her. Sarah bites his hand and Solomon finally gets enough of her: He attempts to stab Sarah but only manages to sever her hand, leaving it beneath a big stone. Sarah manages to escape Solomon and gets out of the maze. Unfortunately for her, that exit directed to the Meeting House. She was discovered by whole town and Solomon catches her, saying that she was a witch. The next day, Sarah and Hannah are about to be hanged, but Sarah manages to save her lover by falsely confessing that she was a witch and cursed Hannah to be her slave. Sarah whispers to Solomon that she would haunt him and his lineage forever, threatening to tell the truth to everyone that discovers her story. Sarah is finally executed, and her friends bury her in an unknown place so she could rest in peace. Her previous burial site (the tree) was replaced with a stone that reads ''The Witch Forever Lives''.

Satan revives the Shadyside Killers.

The visions end, and Deena finally realizes the whole truth. Nick Goode enters the scene following Berman's call and threatens to kill Deena and Josh with his gun. They manage to escape and steal his cop car. Deena explains to Josh what he saw: The whole Goode lineage has been doing their part of the deal by selling the souls of Shadysiders to the Devil every several years. By doing this, they kept their wealth and Sunnyvale's status as the best town to live, while Shadyside sunk into filth. Satan would fuel his powers with the blood shed by all of the victims the Shadyside Killers slaughtered. All the killers who went after them before were not revived by the witch, but the Devil who tried to protect their bargain, coming after the person who saw Sarah Fier's ghost trying to tell them the truth. They realize that the only way to end with the curse is to kill the latest Goode who did a bargain: Nick. However, since Deena discovered the whole scheme through Sarah, the Devil would go after her by reviving his whole set of maniacs.

They go to Berman's place and explain her the whole picture. Ziggy feels betrayed by Nick and feels that all what happened back at Camp Nightwing with him was a lie. She agrees to follow their plan to kill Nick. To make the plan go to motion, Josh offers them the help of Martin P. Franklin, the Shadyside Mall custodial engineer (Josh helped him to get away from the police in Part 1). The plan is to gather all of the revived killers in the mall and lock them up with the store's security fences. When Nick arrives to the place, they would stain him with Deena's blood and then free all the killers so they could have a little time with him. The plan goes awry as two cops arrive first and apprehend them for stealing a cop car. However, they are quickly dispatched up by the Milkman, a Shadyside Killer who murdered several housewives in the 50's. Many other killers attend to the place, including Skull Mask and Nightwing.

A new one also appears: The Grifter, a hulked masked Shadyside Killer who gutted some girls almost 100 years ago using his own hands. They pull the plan to perfection as they lock up all of them in the stores. Nick arrives the place and is tricked by Ziggy to stand behind a bucket full of water mixed with Deena's blood. They free all the killers and Nick grabs Ziggy in a desperate attempt to save his life, but is stabbed by Skull Mask in the back. However, Ziggy ends up stained with the blood and is attacked by the Milkman. While Nick is struggling with Skull Mask, Deena has to make the decision to save Ziggy's life by cutting herself in the palm with a knife, making all the killers target her instead. Nick runs for his life to an entrance to the underground maze, while Deena goes after him to kill him. The bunch tries to save her back by staining all of the killers with the blood, making all of them to attack of each other. It works, but they don't notice that Ruby Lane arrives to the place, along with Billy Barker, a kid Shadyside Killer who murdered his family in 1922. The possessed Sam frees herself from her restraints and goes after Deena.

Down in the maze, Nick screams that this curse was made for his family and that it couldn't be stopped. Deena follows him to the heart's room and is attacked by Sam but she manages to knock her out, although greatly wounded. Nick takes advantage of this and tries to kill Deena himself, but she defends herself by making Nick touch the demon heart. By doing this, Nick experiences the same thing that happened to Alice back in Part 2, having visions of all the killers and their victims. While this is happening, the bunch is struggling with all the killers to prevent them from entering the maze. Finally, Nick has a vision of Sarah Fier herself, who murders him with a stab to the eye. Turns out that it was really Deena. With Nick's death, the demonic heart perishes and sinks into the ground, ending with the curse once and for all. Sam returns to normal and gets out of the place with Deena, exiting in the Goode's mansion back in Sunnyvale. With the deal severed, Satan has no reason to keep his part of making Sunnyvale prosper at the expense of Shadyside and ends their era of unholy good luck. Everything seemed to come to an end, but back in the maze, a mysterious stranger steals the grimoire once again.

The Shadyside Killers

Every several years, a Goode family member would carve the name of a Shadysider in a tombstone to be Satan's new slave, transforming him/her in a psycho killer that would go in a murderous rampage, ending with the lives of everything it has in front, including closed ones. This act has been going on for several generations in the past. The known list goes as it follows:

1666 - Pastor Miller


Cyrus Miller, also known as Pastor Miller was the local priest in old Shadyside town (called Union at the time). He was the first person to be registered as a Shadyside Killer in the whole town history. Solomon sold Cyrus' soul out of spite, as he believed him and whole of Union to be a bunch of fanatics that feared the unknown. Miller's possession would be considered the worst and most influential of the massacres (aside from Nightwing) as he ended with the entire lineages of Union: He gathered all of the twelve children in town at the Meeting House and gouged their eyes out using a hook, as well as his own. He would later gather all of the eyes in the center of the house. Cyrus was murdered by Solomon Goode himself using a pitchfork. He is a minor antagonist in Fear Street Part 3: 1666.

He was portrayed by Michael Chandler.

1904 - The Shame Killer


Isaac Milton, officially named The Shame Killer but mostly known as the Grifter was the last killer to be chronologically introduced by Josh in the first movie. He is an unknown masked killer that apparently gutted some girls in the year of 1904. The Grifter was chosen as one of the revived killers sent to murder Deena at the Shadyside Mall. Gigantic and corpulent, Isaac is the only killer who seems to not use weapons, instead relying on his own hands and enormous strength to subdue his victims, making him a very dangerous foe. Recurrent flashbacks show him drowning a girl in an unknown lake. He is a minor antagonist in Fear Street Part 3: 1666.

He was portrayed by Keil Oakley Zepernick.

1922 - Billy Barker


William "Billy" Barker, also known as the Child Killer was the name of a little boy who went possessed and forced to kill his brothers and parents while they were sleeping, bashing their heads with a baseball bat. He was deformed and used a mask to isolate his face from society. He is also hinted to be mentally handicapped. He is the only member of the Shadyside Killers to be a child, showing that the Goode's lust for power show no limits. Billy would be later revived twice for Satan's endeavor in 1978 and 1994, at Camp Nightwing and the Shadyside Mall. He likes to toy with his bat to terrorize his victims. He is a minor antagonist in Fear Street Part 2: 1978 and Fear Street Part 3: 1666.

He was portrayed by Emily Brobst.

1935 - The Humpty Dumpty Killer

The Humpty Dumpty Killer (possible real name: Ed Carson) is a moniker given to an unknown killer that isolated Shadyside in 1935. Further information about him is shrouded in mystery, but it is said in newspapers that dismembered body parts could be found all over the town, which is probably the reason for the killer's nickname, as he dismembered his victims like in the old nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty.

Interviews with director Leigh Janiak reveal that the killer was cut out from the final product thanks to inconsistencies with the concept. The original idea for the killer was a maniac dismembering people and sewing their parts back together as they were another person, ''like Humpty Dumpty putting things back together again''[1].

1950 - The Milkman

The Milkman seen in a newspaper.

Harry Rooker, also known as The Milkman was a local Shadysider possessed in 1950 and sent on a murderous rampage across the neighborhoods of Shadyside. Rooker would randomly kill housewives using a switchblade, stabbing them until they were dead, using his job of a friendly milkman as a facade. Rooker is shown to have a charred face. It is unknown if he had this prior to his possession or if the same is the cause for his deformity. Current flashbacks show him brutally stabbing a woman to the neck in her own yard. He is showed to be the most apparent sadist of the bunch, as he has a tendency to sexualize his victims (usually by licking them) while he is killing them. He behaves like Nightwing in the fact that he is capable of running, but usually resorts to do a creepy walk to pursue his victims. Harry would be revived for Satan's endeavors in 1978 and 1994 aside Billy Barker at the same locations. He is a minor antagonist in Fear Street Part 2: 1978 and Fear Street Part 3: 1666.

He was portrayed by Kevin Waterman.

1965 - Ruby Lane

Ruby attempting to kill Deena and Sam at the drug store.

Ruby Lane, also known as the Teenage Killer was a young student possessed in 1965. Using a barber blade, she brutally murdered her friends and boyfriend while singing ''You Always Hurt The One You Love''. Lastly, she killed herself by cutting her veins. Her case resonated a lot because she was a completely kind and normal person known by everyone prior to the murders. Ruby is one of the only two killers to be revived thrice by Satan in 1978 and 1994, and the one of the only two killers to not wear a mask. She carries her barber blade and several scars in her wrists and face. She also still keeps singing her classic song while pursuing her victims. She is one of the secondary antagonists of Fear Street Part 1: 1994, and also appears in Fear Street Part 2: 1978 and Fear Street Part 3: 1666

She was portrayed by Jordyn DiNatale.

1978 - The Camp Nightwing Killer

The Nightwing Killer trying to kill C. Berman.

Thomas Slater, also known as the Camp Nightwing Killer (or Nightwing Killer for short) was the name of a counselor in Camp Nightwing at Shadyside, a place attended even by Sunnyvalers. He was possessed in 1978. He is probably the most influential of the bunch aside of Miller thanks to his body count: Twelve people were killed in the Camp Nightwing Massacre, leaving many parents permanently scarred. This was also the first massacre to leave a survivor: A woman known as C. Berman. The camp was later demolished by the Goode family and a big mall was built onto it. As a killer, Tommy carries a burlap bag on his head as a mask and also a big double-edged axe. Thomas is one of the only two killers to be revived thrice (aside of Ruby) for Satan's endeavors, in both 1978 and 1994. He is shown to be one of the most dangerous of the bunch, as he is the only of the killers shown to be capable of running (unlike Skull Mask whos is mostly seen teleporting or Ruby who resorts to trickery) making him very tricky to escape from. He is one of the secondary antagonists in Fear Street Part 1: 1994 and is the main antagonist of Fear Street Part 2: 1978. He is also a minor antagonist in Fear Street Part 3: 1666.

He was portrayed by McCabe Slye and Lloyd Pitts.

1994 - Skull Mask

Skull Mask breaking into a house.

Ryan Torres, mostly known as Skull Mask is the most recent addition to the Shadyside Killers. Formerly a normal graduate, Ryan's soul was sold out by Sheriff Goode and went possessed, murdering seven people in his work at the Shadyside Mall with a knife, including his long-time friend Heather. He was later shot to the head by Sheriff Goode himself, ending his rampage. However, he would be revived twice by Satan aside other killers in order to protect the Goode's deal. A prominent killer, Skull Mask stalks his victims before appearing from nowhere and brutally kills them with his trusty knife. Much like Nightwing, he is also capable of running, but it isn't used as his main tactic of pursuing his victims. He is also currently the killer with highest body count aside the Nightwing Killer and Pastor Miller, barely surpassed by them (11-12). He is the main antagonist of Fear Street Part 1: 1994. He makes a return in Fear Street Part 3: 1666 as a minor antagonist.

He was portrayed by David W. Thompson, while Noah Bain Garret portrayed him in the Skull Mask disguise.



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