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Satan is the main antagonist and final boss of Hobo 6: Hell. He is the tyrannical overlord of Hell and an enemy of God. After Hobo arrives in Hell and starts attacking its prisoners Satan sends multiple Demons to kill Hobo before attacking him himself


Satan is an average sized man with red skin. He wears a black tanktop and black shorts. He has large grey horns and black eyes with no pupils. He is seen carrying around a large pitchfork which has the ability to shoot fire.


Satan was the overlord of hell and tortured its prisoners. One day Hobo showed up to hell and started to attack its prisoners which made Satan send Demons to kill him. Eventually Hobo made his way to Satan and started to attack him. Satan starts with summoning Demons to attack Hobo while also shooting fire at him. Eventually Hobo killed Satan and was sent to Heaven.