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Satan is a flagship character of Cygames featured in most of their works including Rage of Bahamut and Dragalia Lost.

In the latter, he serves as a major antagonist and the overarching antagonist of the Satan Revival story before serving as the main antagonist of the second part of Faith Forsaken. He is also established as the most powerful demon in Grastaea as well as the one who created the five archdemons of the Sinister Dominion.


Satan appears as a giant black demon with batlike wings, two tails, and giant horns. He also has what looks like a pair of flames on his head. His body has various spikes around it, particularly on his arms and legs.


Rage of Bahamut

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Dragalia Lost


Long ago before the rise of Ilia, Satan caused chaos across Grastaea. However, he soon had to face the archangels led by the sister of Sandalphon, Metatron. With their power, Satan was slain, and his pieces scattered throughout Grastaea, eventually forming into the archdemons known as the Sinister Dominion.

Metatron rallied the angels and fought the archdemons, eventually creating copies of her fellow archangels to seal the archdemons away and then sealed those vessels away in another world in an effort to make sure the demons would never return. However, as the church demanded for Metatron to share info on how to create mimicries, she responded by instead providing them with the original archangels whom she wiped the memories about the mimicries from and erased any knowledge of the mimicries to ensure nobody would look into them.

Sandalphon was the only one whose memories were not altered. Instead, a spell was cast so she couldn't talk about it unless all the other archangels were slain. Satan himself became a distant memory with few people actually knowing of his existence.

Satan Revival Plan

Many years later, a group begins a plan to break the seal that Metatron placed on Satan. Loki convinces the Auspex Origa and the Apostle Basileus that Satan's power would grant them the strength needed to stop the Progenitor.

With their plan in motion, Basileus starts handing out sealing stones to various people and tricking them into using the stone for power while also working on freeing the five archdemons. While he is eventually outed as a traitor, he continues his plans and manages to free the Sinister Dominion.

Faith Forsaken

With the archdemons free, the group get to work on the next part of the plan which is to sacrifice 666 lives and then offer one of their own souls to revive Satan.

With the apostles framed for criminal activity, the group manipulate them into killing the last life needed allowing for Origa to merge and allow Satan's rebirth. However, it is then revealed by Loki that Satan can't be controlled. With Satan free after having absorbed Origa, He kills the archangels and starts laying waste to Grams.

However, Satan seals himself away due to needing more time to recover, placing miasma around so nobody can get to him. Unknown to him, Sandalphon survived his attack and gives information about the mimicries to the Halidom party and apostles, who use this knowledge to revive the other archangels.

With the archangels back, the party dispel Satan's Miasma barrier, and Loki is banished by Harle to another dimension, leaving Satan to deal with the party himself.


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