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Life itself is only a vision; A dream. Nothing exists, save empty space and you. And you are but a thought.
~ Satan to the viewers.

Satan, or The Mysterious Stranger, is a minor antagonist in the 1985 clay animated film The Adventures of Mark Twain.

His voice was provided through a combination of both Michele Mariana and Wilbur Vincent.


The Mysterious Stranger appears when Mark Twain pushes a button that is entitled The Mysterious Stranger, and a suit of armor and a mask appears. Tom asks him what he was, and he stated that he was an angel. When asked of his name, however, he called himself Satan.

He then takes Sawyer, Finn, and Thatcher into a black void world (which is assumed to be Hell) and gives them each fruits. He then asks them to do him a favor, and he hands them clay.

They then crafted together a small kingdom and inhabitants, and the Mysterious Stranger brings them to life. While discussing humanity with the children, he sows seeds of discord among his creations, leading to the destruction of the kingdom through greed, showing what he believed humans to be. He then destroys the kingdom with an earthquake, and shows how human life is fleeting and corrupt. His face menacingly peels back into a skull, as he reveals his darkest side and tells the children they are welcome to play with him any time they want.

The children then flee from Satan, and he is left alone in the void.


Satan is defined as a nihilistic entity which is infinite and formless, which can generate illusions and avatars to communicate with others. Due to his immortality and omnipotence, he thinks lowly of mortals and sees them as both expendable and useless. His beings are all bastardizations of human nature and reflect selfishness and violence. This reveals that Satan is a misanthrope who can only see the bad aspects of mankind and believes all humans to be evil and pitiless. He even mocks the more compassionate elements of humanity like mourning the dead or throwing celebrations, and believes everything humans do is pointless. His dialogue and illusions are all carefully patented to crush spirits and extinguish hope. He is also hypocritical as he judges humans for their greed and cruelty despite proceeding to create and destroy lifeforms for his own amusement.





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