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Life itself is only a vision; A dream. Nothing exists, but an empty space and you. And you are but a thought.
~ Satan to the viewers.

Satan, or The Mysterious Stranger, was a minor villain in the clay animated film The Adventures of Mark Twain.


Satan appears when Mark Twain pushes a button that is entitled The Mysterious Stranger, and a suit of armor and a mask appears. Tom asks him what he was, and he stated that he was an angel. When asked of his name, however, he called himself Satan.

He then takes Sawyer, Finn, and Thatcher into a black void world (which is assumed to be Hell) and gives them each fruits. He then asks them to do him a favor, and he hands them clay.

They then crafted together a small kingdom and inhabitants, and The Mysterious Stranger brings them to life. While discussing humanity with the children, he starts to destroy the kingdom and its people, thus showing what he believed humans to be.

The children then flee from Satan, and he is left alone in the void.




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