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If it's up for grabs, then I want it grabbed!
~ Satan on Meg's soul

Satan also named the Devil is the main antagonist of The Wish List by author Eion Colfer. Satan is the ruler of Hell, and presumably the fallen angel Lucifer. Satan rules Hell mercilessly, and he has a sidekick named Beelzebub, another fallen angel who is loyal to him. 

Satan likes human technology and quite likes humanity, making him unique amongst the many versions of Satan. Satan seems to value humans as a progressive, intelligent race and does not want to wipe them out or rule Earth (presumably). He seems content to be in Hell, also unlike many depictions of him.

The Devil is very intelligent, aware of everything happening in Hell, and can tap into his victims' thoughts and make them blurt out the truth even when it seems unreachable. Satan is a cunning strategist, he values political figures and will do anything to populate Hell with the rich politicians.

Satan also knows how his victims will die before they do, he knows for instance when a convention of lawyers will go over the Grand Canyon that afternoon. Satan, however, when he has one goal in mind, such as retrieving Meg's soul, he lets all other main goals fall by the wayside for the time until he gets what he wants. As well as Beelzebub, he has a whole load of demon servants, as well as projectile servants, such as Soul Men, who can assist evil human spirits upon return to Earth.

Humorously, Satan is shown to be on good terms with Saint Peter, calling him every now and then, even though he gets Beelzebub to do it. Satan is immortal, therefore he is alive at the end of the book, having been somewhat defeated by failing to get Meg's soul, as she redeemed herself and was taken to Heaven eventually.


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