Satan Goss has the power to enrage the creatures, turning then in vicious monsters!

The narrator of the series, everytime Satan Goss used his powers

Satan Goss is the main villain of the tokusatsu series Jaspion. He is a dark being born from the negative energies of the entire universe.


The prophet Edin predicted through the Galactic Bible that Satan Goss would emerge to conquer the universe. His disciple, Jaspion, tought this was just nonsense, until Satan Goss finally emerges, fulfilling the prophecy. He immediately starts to wreak havoc by enraging monsters on every planet he set his foot. Jaspion follows him and battle the many monsters with his giant mech Daileon. Once he arrives at Earth, he decides this would the perfect place to establish his empire. He sends his son MacGaren, who have the same abilities as Jaspion, to find and kill Jaspion. He also asked for the help of many other bad guys such as the witch Kilza. Satan Goss is of gigantic proportions, wearing a black armor that resembles Darth Vader, but his true form, that of The Mighty Satan Goss which he assumes in the end of the series, is a very monstrous Cthulhu-like form.