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~ Satan Minosaur’s catchphrase

The Satan Minosaur is a Satan-themed Minosaur created by the Druidon Tribe from the emotions of a cursed mirror that reflects fear, not human beings, which is forgotten by people and no longer scared by anyone and is the main antagonist in episode 40 of the 2019 TV series Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.


The Satan Minosaur made its first appearance is by casting a fog from a mirror and it does this from any mirrors whether its outside or in the building like the HQ for the Ryusoulgers. One time it used this ability was during a fight with between the Ryusoulgers Black and Green vs the Drunn Soldiers.

A while later it appeared as a mist where Canalo is confronting it in this form. Once it become it normal self it battled the team. However when Melt confronted as Nobless, but it wiped him and the team out. After that both it and Kureon left the scene.

A while later it appeared at another location as it began absorbing more fear from the scared Japanese citizens. However it was stopped by the arrival of the brave knights. So it has some help from the Drunn Soldiers to battle the team. Once they wiped out the soldiers they're about to finish this Satan Minosaur off.

However thanks to Kureon for taunting the cursed mirror it caused to produce more negative emotions making the Satan Minosaur to grow to giant size. So the team brought their Megazord and battle it. After that it was then destroyed by this finisher called King KishiRyuOh Big Bang Evolution.

Another Satan Minosaur was later created by Kureon from Melt after Kureon, Melt and Asuna were absorbed by Eras. The Minosaur quickly grew giant and caused all three of them to break free from Eras' body before it was swiftly destroyed by Eras.


  • The Satan Minosaur's suit is a retooled visage of the Ultimate Dai-Satan.
  • The Satan Minosaur is very similar to the Southern King from the 2017 TV series Uchu Sentai Kyuranger due to both Sentai monsters of the week are the retooled from the main Sentai villain.


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