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Petelgeuse: Oh yes, I've waited so long... waited for your love. Merciful love, affectionate love.
Satella: No... You're not the one.
~ Satella rebuking Petelgeuse's feelings.

Satella (in Japanese: サテラ, Satera), also known as the Witch of Envy (in Japanese: 嫉妬の魔女, Shitto no Majo), is the mostly unseen main antagonist of the light novel, manga and anime series Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World.

Satella was originally a member of the Witches of Sin, a group of eight witches and one warlock who possessed what is referred to as a Witch Factor. Satella absorbed the Envy Witch Factor which she had no compatibility with, resulting in the creation of an alternate personality known as the Witch of Envy. The Witch of Envy had a burning sense of jealousy and was almost impossible to rationalize with.

400 years ago, Satella (notably not the Witch of Envy) devoured six of the Witches of Sin alongside a half of the world's population after losing control. She was eventually stopped by the Dragon Volcanica, the Sword Saint Reid Astrea, and the Sage Flugel. The trio imprisoned Satella as she had grown too powerful for them to kill.

In the present era, Satella summoned a Japanese teenager named Subaru Natsuki to her world and bestowed the "Return by Death" ability on him. Although her exact reasons for doing this are unknown, both Satella and the Witch of Envy seem to be in love with Subaru.

Satella is voiced by Rie Takahashi in the Japanese version and Kayli Mills in the English version, both of which also voice the main heroine Emilia in their respective versions.


Satella's true form bears a stark resemblance to Emilia (as noted by Subaru) - She has a slender body, long silver hair with violet colored eyes, along with elven ears. Initially Satella appeared as a shadowy figure, which was created out of Subaru's reluctance to accept her, however he later accepts her and is able to see her face.


Despite popular belief, Satella and the Witch of Envy share two distinct personalities: Satella is reasonable and caring, whereas The Witch of Envy is more aggressive about things. Despite the two personalities often clashing, they both share the same feelings for Subaru.



400 years ago, Satella absorbed the Envy Witch Factor which she wasn't compatible with and subsequently went out of control and swallowed half of the world (while killing six of the other eight witches in the process). Unable to be killed, Satella was eventually sealed away by the combined might of many warriors, including the first Sword Saint Reid Astrea, the Dragon Volcanica, and the Sage Flugel. Satella currently resides in a shrine near the Great Waterfall, in which she is watched over. Eventually, a cult dedicated to the reverence of Satella was formed. This cult, known as the Witch Cult, sought to free Satella from her eternal imprisonment.

Subaru Natsuki

At an unspecified point in time, Satella and the Witch of Envy both fell in love with a Japanese teenage boy named Subaru Natsuki. Although the exact context behind her infatuation is unknown, Satella (not the Witch) has stated that she loves him because he gave her light, showed her the outside world, held her hand, and kissed her when she was lonely.

Regardless of her reasoning, Satella and/or the Witch summoned Subaru to her world and bestowed her miasma and the Return by Death ability on him. This ability allows Subaru to return to an allocated point in time every time he dies, essentially like a checkpoint system in a video game. Subaru, however, doesn't get to choose the checkpoint and it updates every so often.

There is also a "curse" involving the ability which prevents Subaru from talking to anyone about Return by Death. When he does attempt to do so, time stops and Satella and/or the Witch uses the Unseen Hand to caress and squeeze Subaru's heart. In the event that this doesn't deter Subaru, Satella will simply use the Unseen Hand to kill anyone who hears him. The reason for this curse is unknown.

Subaru made full use of this blessing, dying repeatedly for the chance to save his friends from the vile hands of the Witch Cult and other evil existences. Eventually, in one loop, driven miserable by the emotional torment of bearing his burden alone, Subaru bypassed the curse and told the woman he loved, Emilia, about Return by Death. Predictably, Emilia dropped dead from the curse before she could express her thoughts on Subaru's words. This was undone when Subaru died shortly after.

A Devoted Servant

After being backed into a corner by the combined efforts of Subaru and the Spirit Knight Julius Juukulius, Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti tried to possess Subaru's body in a last ditch effort to survive. Seeing a possible solution to his problem, Subaru declared that he could use Return by Death. As Satella was residing within Subaru's body, Satella (or the Witch) appeared before the Archbishop of Sloth within Subaru's body upon the activation of the curse.

Petelgeuse was a fanatical follower of Satella and so was overjoyed to finally be meeting face to face with the woman he cherished above all others. He reached out to her, exclaiming that he was ready to receive his reward after years of servitude under her name. In response, Satella used the Unseen Hand to destroy Petelgeuse's presence in Subaru's body, telling him that he wasn't "the one". This act freed Subaru of Petelgeuse's presence, and the Archbishop who had devoted himself to Satella for so long was later killed.

Powers & Abilities

Satella has access to the Envy Witch Factor, meaning she can use the Authority of Envy. The abilities of the Authority of Envy have yet to be specified, although it is likely a powerful Authority considering Satella's infamy. Although her exact methods are unknown, Satella was able to devour six of the other eight Witches of Sin and possibly obtain their Witch Factors in the process (e.g. Sekhmet's Authority of Sloth). She was able to spiritually breach Echidna's dream castle twice while still in her imprisonment, and possess the body of Emilia.

As evidenced since the beginning of the series, Satella has some semblance of time control. She has temporarily stopped time every time Subaru has tried to talk about Return by Death. Furthermore she was able to bestow Return by Death on Subaru, which essentially restarts time for him every time he dies. In addition to her time control, Satella can also conjure and manipulate shadows on a massive scale. These shadows erode and/or destroy all forms of matter they linger on, regardless of whether said matter is organic or inorganic. They are also capable of eroding abstract things such as memories or thoughts. Whether or not these two powers are part of her Authority of Envy or are something else entirely is unknown.

After presumably absorbing the Sloth Witch Factor when she devoured Sekhmet, Satella is capable of using the Authority of Sloth in a similar manor to Petelgeuse, Sekhmet and Subaru. Specifically, Satella has displayed use of the Unseen Hand, an ability that allows the user to project invisible hands that take on a shadowy form to the few that can see them. These hands are capable of phasing through objects and/or people. The area of effect, number of hands, and power is dependent on the user. According to the artificial spirit Puck, Satella is able to manifest two thousand hands simultaneously. The Witch of Envy uses this power to grasp Subaru's heart whenever he tries to talk about Return by Death, and also used the power to kill Emilia when Subaru told her about his ability.


Call of the Witch by Kenichiro Suehiro



  • It's currently unknown as to why Satella and The Witch of Envy love Subaru Natsuki. Because of this, it is one of the biggest topics discussed by fans of the series.
    • Although she does mention that Subaru was the one responsible for "giving her light in the darkest of times".
  • Unlike the other Witches of Sin that centuries later have a Sin Archbishop, The Witch of Envy does not have someone that represents her aforementioned Sin.
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