The Saurians are the major antagonists of the 1996 Disney TV series The Mighty Ducks. They are a race of reptilian aliens led by their leader Lord Dragaunus bent on ruling over all life around their universe.


In the past, the Saurian Overlords led their legions of Hunter Drones in an attempt to invade the planet of Puckworld. However, a brave duck by the name of Drake DuCaine was able to see through the Saurians' cloaking technology with a seemingly normal goalie mask. With the powers of the mask, DuCaine sent the Saurians to a mysterious dimension, known only as "Dimensional Limbo" to forever remain trapped.

The last of the Saurians, led by Dragaunus himself, escape Dimensional Limbo and return to Puckworld with an armada of ships, successfully enslaving the populace. However, a resistance is formed by Canard Thunderbeak, who had found the Mask of Drake DuCaine. Together, they destroy Dragaunus's fortress and free the planet from the Saurians' control. Though their control is lost, Dragaunus and his forces manage to escape in their ship, the Raptor and end up escaping to Earth through an inter-dimensional gateway. However, the Ducks follow them, leaving both groups stranded on Earth to continue their fight against each other.

The Saurians' fate remains undisclosed since the show got canceled after 26 episodes, whether they would be captured and imprisoned or killed by the Mighty Ducks. 

Notable Saurians


  • Lucretia Decoy (spy)
  • Falcone (thief)
  • Baron Von Licktenstamp (hunter)
  • Dr. Swindle (mad scientist)
  • Alvin Yasbeck (con artist)


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