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NOTE: This article is about the version of Sauron from the games Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. You may be looking for information on his mainstream counterpart, his Peter Jackson counterpart, or his Lord of the Rings: Conquest counterpart.
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You will serve ME for all eternity.
~ Sauron

Sauron is the main antagonist in the games Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War as well as an alternate version of his main counterpart.

The foremost fallen Maia and a prime firebrand of the evil that plagues Middle-earth, Sauron fell to the ways of rebellion at the dawn of time. Since then he remained one of the main adversaries of the Powers and the Free Peoples as the second Dark Lord, striving to suborn Middle-earth by strength of arms or sheer malice. While Sauron stood, he was feared throughout the land, even to the farthest reaches beyond the Great Sea.

He is voiced by Steve Blum, who also voiced Vilgax, Starscream and the Green Goblin.


Shadow of Mordor

Prior to the events of the war where men and elves warred against him, Sauron betrayed Celebrimbor and his family. He struck Celebrimbor down and had some orcs restrain him as he makes him aid in the creation of the One Ring. Once the Ring was made, Sauron tried to strike Celembrimbor down with his mace, but the latter managed to escape. When Celembrimbor faced off against Sauron, he found that his family was tied to rocks and when Celembrimbor was about to finish Sauron off, the latter was able to take the ring from him. Sauron proceeds to kill Celembrimbor's family and beat him brutally with a wielding tool.

After Sauron returns to Mordor, Celembrimbor explains to Talion, the game's protagonist, that Sauron wanted him for ability to forge rings and was responsible for the disasters that happened, including the nine rings that turned kings of men into the Ringwraiths known as the Nazgûl. Once Talion learns of Sauron trying to kill Celembrimbor, he is alerted to Sauron's awareness of their presence. After defeating the Tower of Sauron, the duo proceed to track down the weakened Sauron only for the Black Hand of Sauron to absorb Celembrimbor from the protagonist who manages to defend himself from the Black Hand and drive back Sauron himself.

The Bright Lord (Shadow of Mordor DLC)

After Celembrimbor escaped from Sauron, a manhunt was ordered on the Elf whose kingdom is in ruins and his family in chains. Celembrimbor proceeds to have a tower built in opposition to Sauron who is certain that Celembrimbor will fail and never reach the Halls of Mandos, and planned to rebuild Eregion when Barad-dur is destroyed.

Celembrimbor then demands that Sauron releases his family and serve him. Sauron demands him instead to return the One Ring to him as every moment he resists will bring more pain to his (Celebrimbor's) family. Their argument continued when Celembrimbor opposes Sauron, who claims the elf abandoned all reason and cannot win or even survive against him as he (Celembrimbor) is right to fear him. As Celembrimbor persists in his victories, Sauron tells him he will die and he will know hatred, despair and darkness. The elf scoffs at this, saying Sauron will know victory, glory, and revenge when the dark lord knows subjugation at his hands. Sauron then threatens to have the elf's soul bound to Mordor with no way of seeing his family again. Celembrimbor declares he will take over Mordor and will nullify his threats by taking all from Sauron from his ring to his armies.

As Celembrimbor's war against Sauron rages on, the Dark Lord told him that he will flay the elf's corpse and show it as a display for those in Mordor to see while his skin flies in the wind as retribution. Sauron also proclaims their is no limit to his power. Sauron also considered Celembrimbor's victories hallow and his steps are taking him closer to doom. Sauron also insists that the elf is powerless to stop him and will become what he sought to destroy. As the fight rages, Celembrimbor demands Sauron to come in order to finish him once and for all. Sauron warps in and demands that the elf surrender the ring. Celembrimbor refuses, declaring himself the true lord of the rings. The duo proceed to fight brutally with Sauron refusing to believe he can lose easily and that the ring was always his and turns the orcs war chiefs the elf had by his side against him.

After Celembrimbor kills the war chiefs, Sauron brings them back to life as the fight continued, Sauron proceeds to banish the elf from death and takes back his ring. This is followed up with Sauron bludgeoning Celembrimbor and binding the elf's spirit to Mordor which cannot be undone until the ring is destroyed.

Shadow of War

After a ring to combat Sauron was forged, Talion comes face to face with Shelob in a humanoid form who asks him to look at the Palantir as she believes that Sauron refuses to rest until he dominates Middle-earth. Celembrimbor and Talion resolve to seize the Palantir before Sauron could. When protecting Minas Ithil, Talion learns some of the towers built by Celembrimbor had Sauron's mark on them and mocks the elf through his corruption. They also give him sight from them. However, the Haedir can be purified to turn the towers against Sauron. Through this, Talion can see what has been lost and all that will be lost if Sauron's corruption comes back.

Talion checks and learns that the city is built on the remains of Celembrimbor's kingdom. At one of the barrows Sauron was not aware of, Talion learns that Celembrimbor has had honored dead buried in it. When the city is struck by green fire, the Witch King arrives and demands Castamir to surrender the Palantir in exchange for his daughter's freedom. After getting what Sauron wanted, the king strikes Castamir down fatally. After a fight against Talion, the With King brings the Palantir to Sauron and reports that the new ring has been located in the hands of Shelob. Sauron commends him for this and tells him Minas Morgul his is place to command. He then orders the king to bring Celembrimbor's ring.

When the Witch King asks about Shelob, Sauron orders him to send all the Nazgûl after her. Talion manages to intervene however and drive them off and claim the ring instead in order to have Sauron defeated with it. Later, Talion is informed that his fortress is being attacked by Sauron's forces with the secret passages sealed off. Celembrimbor explains that this is a time for testing their defenses. However, this attack was foiled, but Talion is betrayed by Bruz and nearly killed.

After Talion retakes the fortress and has Bruz dominated and shamed for his actions, he eventually was able to show the strength of the army he is leading to Sauron and that they will take over Mordor. As more fortresses are being taken, Celembrimbor states Sauron cowers as they come closer to their goal. As shown in the past, after Isildur lost Sauron's ring in the river, Sauron made him into one of the Nazgûl. In the present, Celembrimbor still insists that he will dominate Sauron and have Mordor as well as the rest of the world restored to light and order.

When Talion finds himself dying, the female ranger who was with him tell him their sacrifices will not be in vain and takes the ring he had. Just then, Shelob's spiders crawl over him where she chastised him for not seeing. A revived Talion then heads off to capture Minas Morgul. Once Talion captures the dead city and the Palantir, he witnesses a vision where Sauron and Celembrimbor confront each other with their fight culminating in them being merged into one spirit where they continued to fight within. After the One Ring fell into the fires of Mount Doom, Sauron dies while Celembrimbor's soul passes into the afterlife.




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