Savage was one of the villains that appeared in the BIONICLE series. He was once a Toa of Earth who had the ill-fated encounter with the Visorak as he was caught by them and mutated into the Toa Hordika. He was then convinced by The Shadowed One, the leader of the Dark Hunters, to become a member of them.


Nothing was known of Savage's past but he was the Toa of Earth and the member of his team. 

It was until one day when he and his team were traveling in the area, they encounter the group of Visorak as they engage them into the battle. During the battle, Savage was caught and mutated by the Visroak, who transformed into the Toa-beast hybrid that resembled the Toa Hordika. He later managed to free himself and make his way back to his comrades in order to rejoin with the team. However, his friends were shocked of his new appearance and attacked him, believing him to be a monster. At first, Savage refuses to fight with his friends but his transformation began to accelerate and he eventually lost control and gravely wounded them before he ran off into the different path.

Savage was eventually confronted by the two Dark Hunters, who took him back to Odina. When they returned to Odina, Savage was brought towards The Shadowed One, who told him that his friends had been jealous of him and allowed him to be mutated, though it turned out that it was not true. He then convinced the Toa of Earth to become the member of the Dark Hunters.

Shortly before the Great Spirit's reawakening, Savage was incapacitated due to another fit of rage wrought by the mutation and was then imprisoned in his cell in the Dark Hunters' fortress.

When the Brotherhood of Makuta's army invaded Odina, Savage was the only one who was not evacuated with the other Dark Hunters due to him endangering both himself and the Dark Hunters' lives. Savage then broke free from his cell and attacked the army but he met his end when the Manas caught him and ripped him in half.


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