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Savage Fred is a character that appeared in the Grojband episode Dueling Buttons. He formerly possessed the universal high score at Solo Shredder, which was deemed scientifically impossible to beat, until it was surpassed by Corey Riffin with the help of his band. He is trapped inside of a TV screen and can't get out of it. He hates hosting Solo Shredder weekend but he is forced to do it every time because he has the high score in the game which in unbeatable. He is voiced by Brian Froud.


Savage Fred is a guy with dark, curly hair that he wears in a mullet. He wears glasses and a yellow hoodie. It is unknown what his pants and shoes look like because only his top half is seen in the TV screen that he is trapped inside of.


  • His name is a parody of actor/director Fred Savage.
  • His voice is near-identical to that of Sam from Total Drama, who is also voiced by Brian Froud. The two characters also share similarities in that they are both obsessive gamers and both wear glasses.


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