NOTE: Not to be confused with the Incredible Hulk, who is much more heroic and reasonable than this incarnation.

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Savage Hulk is an alter-ego of the popular anti-hero known as Hulk, it is Hulk's most aggressive and deadly alter-ego (outwith the truly heinous ones, such as Devil Hulk or Kluh) but also his least intelligent: while under the influence of Savage Hulk all remorse and reason is removed from Hulk and he becomes a savage animal fuelled purely on rage.

Savage Hulk is thus much more prone to attack innocent people and other heroes, often considered mindless the Savage Hulk still has some intelligence - which is normally put into completely destroying anything that has the misfortune of either angering him or getting in his way (though Savage Hulk, as noted below, rarely deliberately attacked women or children).

An alternate-version of Savage Hulk is Savage Banner, which is a furious version of Banner who has the same bloodlust as Savage Hulk but retains Banner's appearance. Savage Hulk should not be confused with the Mindless Hulk, who was a devolved version of the Incredible Hulk (also known as Green Hulk) under the thrall of Nightmare.


Savage Hulk is the most famous of all Hulk's alter-egoes and was a large part of his character until Hulk started to become a more intelligent character - modern Hulk is not as prone to becoming the Savage Hulk but exceptions always exist: typically Savage Hulk manifests as such:

  • Unreasoning / Hyper-Violent (Savage Hulk will not take much care to protect innocents or other heroes, unlike intelligent versions of Hulk he will often endanger innocent people as well as enemies : all it takes to make Savage Hulk attack is to anger him... while more intelligent versions of Hulk tend to be more selective on who they "smash").
  • Broken English (Savage Hulk is prone to snarling, roaring and speaking in broken English with famous quotes such as "Hulk SMASH!" being prominent: although intelligent versions of Hulk also like to use the word "smash" they tend to have a much larger vocabulary and better understanding of the English language).
  • Brutish Intellect (Savage Hulk's intellect is akin to an animal or a child rather than a developed adult, thus he is much more volatile than intelligent-versions of Hulk: to Savage Hulk's credit the child-like elements of his intellect could, at times, make him sympathetic and he rarely deliberately attacked women or children)
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