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So this is the famous Suicide Squad...
~ Savant.

Brian Durlin better known as Savant is a minor character in the 2021 film The Suicide Squad, the tenth installment of the DC Extended Universe.

Savant is a self-styled vigilante who was captured and sent to Belle Reve who later became a member of Rick Flag's first Task Force X strike assigned to infiltrate Corto Maltese.

He was portrayed by Michael Rooker, who also played Dark Winged Vesper in Super Capers, Henry in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Bone Collector in the film of the same name, Grant Grant in Slither, Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead, Vikke in Lollipop Chainsaw, Yondu Udonta in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and Lutador in Vivo.


Savant was vigilante who was imprisoned in Belle Reve, when we first see him he is sitting in his cell practicing his accuracy with a softball. Suddenly, a canary flew into his cell, at which point Savant threw the ball violently, causing it to bounce on every wall of his cell before crushing the canary to death and landing back in his hand.

At this point Amanda Waller appeared and offered him a chance to lessen his sentence by joining Task Force X which he accepted. Like every other member of the team he was sent to the Belle Reve doctor to have a bomb implanted in the base of his skull before heading out to meet his new team comprised of Rick Flag, Captain Boomerang, Blackguard, The Detachable Kid, Javelin, Mongal, Weasel and Harley Quinn.

On the helicopter ride to the drop off point Boomerang kept making mock kissing faces towards Savant to irritate him for his own amusement and Savant mostly kept to himself for the journey aside from this, only reacting to everything going on mildly, such as Blackguard gullibly believing Weasel was a werewolf and freaking out. Eventually the drop off point finally came and the team jumped in the waters below to swim to shore.

While this was happening the team found out Weasel was unable to swim and almost instantly Savant made his way towards him and escorted him to the shore, unfortunately however he was apparently too late and Weasel drowned much to the chagrin of Flag and Waller. While at the shore the team ducked for cover while Flag briefed them on what to do only for Blackguard to give their position away in a failed attempt at surrendering to the Corto Maltese military which only resulted in his own death.

In the ensuing battle, Savant watched on in horror as many of his teammates where killed gruesomely and panicked. Terrified out of his mind he tried to swim away from the island, ignoring Waller's demands for him to turn back, leaving her to trigger the bomb in his skull blowing his head off and killing him. In a twist of cruel irony, a canary began picking at Savant's remains.

Although Savant was dead, his effort to save Weasel actually proved successful as the creature was revealed to be alive long after the Corto Maltese mission was over and the deaths of Silvio Luna, The Thinker and Mateo Suarez as well as Starro's destruction.


Savant was a fairly grumpy and irritable man who didn't care much for joining Task Force X, only agreeing so he could get a chance to lessen his time in Belle Reve, in the end he actually regretted his decision of joining the team as the chaos from his first mission terrified him to a degree that proved fatal. He does appear to have something resembling a moral conscience though as he didn't hesitate to rescue Weasel upon learning he was unable to swim.


Savant was a man in his fifties with striking features, pale skin, brown eyes and a muscular physique as well as a full-head of long white hair going down to his waist. He is mainly seen wearing his super suit; a red leather jacket with brown combat trousers, boots and gloves as well as a pair of black goggles.



  • This is the first live-action adaptation of Savant.
  • In the comics, Savant is the arch-nemesis of Black Canary so it's highly possible that in the film, Savant angrily killed the canary that flew into his cell as it reminded him of Black Canary which implies that she was the one who got him imprisoned at Belle Reve.
  • This is Michael Rooker's second comic book movie role following Yondu Udonta from the Guardians of The Galaxy series.


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