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The Scepter of the Sands of Time - one the greatest power objects in the know universes! And I have it! Ha Ha Hah Ha Ah! With this force in my hands - what can't I do!
~ Savanti collecting the scepter.

Savanti Romero is a major recurring villain in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise and the arch-enemy of Renet. He first appeared in the Mirage Comics and later appears in the IDW comics.


Mirage Comics

Savanti Romero was the apprentice of Lord Simultaneous and the husband of Savanti Juliet. He was originally charged with keeping Time in check until he went mad with power.He wanted to rule the universe and time itself so he betrays his teacher in order take his staff but Lord Simultaneous used it to mutate into his current appearance and banished him into the past. Since then Savanti Romero wanted revenge against his former master and his new apprentice Renet being a constant thorn to her side.

He also eventually meets the turtles who have befriend Renet. He went and attacked them in the year 1941 in his castle and wanted the time scepter for himself the turtle eventually defeat and escaped. Romero survived and later returns to take revenge on the Turtles by taking Renet as a hostage for the time scepter but once again his plans failed but his wife Juliet tried to avenge him but was killed by Renet. He also appears in the tales of the TMNT vol.2 The Eye of the aga-moo-Tou.

IDW Comics

Savanti Romero appears in the IDW series in the Bebop and Rocksteady Mini-Series Destroy Everything where he fought the Turtles and Renet again but his plans were interrupted by Bebop and Rocksteady who stole the Time Speture for themselves. Savanti Romero also appears in the Bebop and Rocksteady Mini Series Hit the Road in a small cameo appearance.

2003 cartoon

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2012 cartoon

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  • He was created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.


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