Savarin Canele is an executive at the Dort Company as well as the older brother of Biscuit Griffon of Tekkadan and a minor antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

He is voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa in Japanese and Christopher Niosi in the English dub.


Savarin was originally born in the Dort Colonies where he grew up along with the rest of his siblings. Savarin eventually went to business school, but while he was studying there his parents were killed in an accident and brother Biscuit and sisters Cookie and Cracker were sent to Mars to live with their grandmother. Savarin was taken in by a Dort executive and eventually grew to be a member of the Dort Company, falling out of contact with the rest of his family.

Many years later, Savarin received a call from his younger brother Biscuit who was visiting the Dort colonies with the rest of Tekkadan and hoped to reconnect and catch up. Savarin agreed to a meetup and soon learned that his younger sibling was a member of Tekkadan. When the two met up, Biscuit brought Atra Mixta along with him. Believing Atra to be Kudelia Aina Bernstein, who was being guarded by Tekkadan, Savarin contacted Gjallarhorn and had them captured.

Savarin hoped to hand over Kudelia to Gjallarhorn so they could continue negotiations, which had begun to break down due to the worker uprisings. Despite later learning from his brother that Atra wasn't Kudelia, Savarin refused to believe him and stated that Atra would have to do as a scapegoat in order to avoid an uprising engulfing the Dort colonies. Biscuit and Atra were soon rescued by Tekkadan, but Savarin pleaded with his brother to hand over the girl saying that it would be one live over countless more, but Biscuit tearfully refused his older brother whom he had once respected and Tekkadan fled.

As the armed Dort workers start gathering in protest, Savarin pleaded with the Dort company executive to renegotiable, but to no avail. After a bomb went off at the protests and Gjallarhorn opened, Savarin arrived to witness the aftermath of the massacre.

Guilty over the massacre of Dort Company workers and his betrayal of his younger brother, Savarin committed suicide by hanging himself. Before committing suicide, Savarin left a message for Biscuit telling him not to repeat his mistake by being overburdened with responsibility.


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